Gotta Eat ‘Em All

Well, at least the Pikachus.

‘Cause in Tokyo, Japan, you can. (Then again, what can’t you do or find in Tokyo that isn’t eccentric?) The Pikachu Cafe serves Pikachu shaped (NOT ACTUALLY 13.2 LB PIKACHU MEAT) dishes and they are oh so adorable.

I wonder how many customers have taken one look at their order and peeped, “Pikachuuu!” face all screwed up, cheeks cherubic. In fact, what fictional language would they be attempting to speak? Pikachuan? Pikachuese? Pika-Pikan? Or just the Pokemon Common Tongue?

. . .

I have been awake too long.
Just over 21 hours in fact.
Had a film review I wanted to type up tonight, too. Dammit. . . . Sorry. Gotta sleep now. 
(But as you drift to the Sandman’s sands, just think . . . what would a group of Pikachus be called? A thunder of Pikachus? A horde of Pikachus? A mischief of Pikachus?)

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