Edge of Tomorrow Review: Even If You Hate Tom Cruise

In deference to my brother’s vomit reflex when beholding Tom Cruise’s face, I chose the featured image for this review accordingly. Also, I happen to really like Emily Blunt. She was one of the reasons I wanted to go see this movie, after all. That, and the fact that I am a slave to all ideas time travel. (Seriously, I think I have a problem.) So naturally, I LOVED THIS MOVIE. (All except the ending; I’m pretending it doesn’t exist . . . )

But first, let me tell you the positives.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014), directed by Doug Liman, whirls the viewer away into the midst of a raging alien invasion (a war that the humans are losing quite badly). It follows lily-livered Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) as he is demoted and plopped into a doomed land invasion. With no real skills, he dies a rather gruesome death . . . only to be returned to the start of that very same day. Repeatedly.

Yes, I know it sounds like Groundhog Day (cuz it is), but the science fiction angle and absolutely riveting action sequences tells a much more engaging (and unpredictable) high-stakes-world-hanging-in-the-balance story. Added bonus: if you hate Tom Cruise, you get to see him die over and over and over again. It was highly entertaining–a giddy cackle and abundant applause to the writers for those bits.

Co-star Emily Blunt plays Rita Vrataski, a Special Forces BAMF that wields both her wit and her weaponized exoskeleton thing with razor-sharp accuracy, not a blunt edge to be found (see what I did there? Shit, no puns, Christine, no! Bad!). While the world views her skills as miraculous proficiency, Rita knows better. She obtained them from single-minded trial and error, an ability made possible by the same accident that befalls Cage (hint: alien blood!). However, when she and Cage meet, her time-resetting ability had already been lost. Thus, it is up to her to teach/whip him into shape in order to save humanity. (And yay, that entails shooting him in the head to force resets.)

The pair of them navigate a perilous path to find and destroy the Omega (the brain behind the aliens dubbed the Mimics). And they do find the Omega. Eventually. But I wish what ended up happening just . . . didn’t. Sigh. Maybe it’s just the side of me that feels sorry for an alien race that gets decimated by the freakish attributes of human blood. (Yea, they were trying to obliterate us, but…so? God, it’s like you haven’t met a person with a predilection for Stockholm Syndrome before. It’s not wrong to want more in-depth antagonists, OKAY?)

Anyway, let me know below how you all felt about the end of Edge of Tomorrow. In the meantime you can find me rummaging around the ‘Net looking into All You Need Is Kill, the Japanese novel from which Edge is adapted.

Oh, did I not mention that sooner? A thousand apologies! All You Need Is Kill was originally written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka in 2004 and developed into a manga by Ryōsuke Takeuchi (and illustrated by Takeshi Obata— my favorite mangaka around for his beautiful work in Hikaru no Go and Death Note) in early 2014. Additionally, Viz Media printed the book in English so . . . yea, I’m probably gonna go check it out. Like right now. So, bye!

Rating: B-
Unfortunately, I can’t just ignore the ending, so the rating reflects that. If it weren’t for the time travel device that I adore, you’d be seeing one letter down. 

ASV Villainy Rating: B
If it was just Rita, then I’d say an I. There are other exoskeleton users who can swarm her en masse, plus fighter jets, tanks, etc. If we’re considering Cage, then a B, for his Groundhog Day power. He’s not that smart and even with time resets, he can’t command other people like the Omega can the rest of the Mimics. One mistake necessitating a blood donation and he’s done.

2 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow Review: Even If You Hate Tom Cruise”

  1. I just…I can’t. Seeing him die over and over is nice, but–he’s just gonna keep coming back! In a world where killing Tom Cruise doesn’t work…I can’t live in such a world.

    Oooh, I didn’t know this was an adaptation of something Japanese. But then again, a lot of good stuff is.

    Brian had the same problems with the movie, namely the ending. He told me about it but I think I blocked it out. >.<


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