I’ll Take A Chiptune, And Share It!

Ever wanted to become a super-successful, incredibly rich, music superstar? Yeah, I can’t help you there . . . BUT, what I can do is show you a way that you can make your own little 8-bit rhapsodies and share them with your friends and family! I give you BeepBox! It’s a flash-based music tool developed by John Nesky, and it’s an incredibly fun way to get into digital music making.

I’ve been making little songs on this site for over 4 months now and I love the satisfying simplicity that it offers. But don’t think it’s a child’s tool. This is a fully-fleshed out synthesizer and sequencer. Give it enough time and you can make beats that sound like they could be in some of the greatest NES or Game Boy games.


Here’s my latest piece that I finished in about a day, pretty cool right?! Go ahead and give it a try and share some of your own symphonies in the comments below!

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