Masuda Jun’ichi: “Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions”

[8:40:50 PM] Tyler: I’d like to do New Music Monday tomorrow, Philip, if that’s okay. I know you have a 12-hour drive home.
[8:40:53 PM] Philip: No, no, I’ll get it done.
[8:40:57 PM] Tyler: Oh, I insist.
[8:41:01 PM] Philip: Are you sure?
[8:41:09 PM] Tyler: Quite. Nyagnyak.
[8:41:16 PM] Philip: Oh you.


No, I don’t really listen to “new” music so why Philip picked me I’ll never know. It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post and here I am talking about Pokémon, again; I don’t have a problem the doctors all lied, but both me and co-writer Jeremiah took a listen at the new orchestration produced by Game Freak and Nintendo and damn, we wish we could have been there.


Last Friday, on the 15th, the orchestra played at the Warren Theatre in Washington D.C. They played songs from all six Generations of Pokémon games, and played an encore at the end. Masuda Jun’ichi even got up on stage and conducted them during the final moments.

The two songs that stuck out to me were the “Introduction” theme to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and the “Ending” theme to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Skip to 9:21 for the “Ending” theme.

Both me and Jeremiah were struck by bolts of nostalgia as we listened to these faithful restorations of classic beeps and boops. He was touched by the themes from Red/Blue, Gold/Silver; while I was enamored by those from later titles such as Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl. Neither of us really drew much from the Black/White songs, but X/Y proved to be more beautiful than we remembered. And to top it all off they played the opening to the first television season live during the encore. Yeah, that opening.

So hey, it’s new. And it’s also music. It works. They’ll be playing again in Philadelphia on September 19th and I cannot go goddammit. You can get tickets here, if you’re lucky/The Chosen One. Take a listen to all of the songs if you want and let me know which one’s your favorite in the comments! What’s that? They didn’t include your favorite?! Well, let me know which one you wish they had done in the comments instead! Why was there no Fortree City theme?


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