The Legend of Korra Review: “Enter the Void”/”Venom of the Red Lotus”

Episodes 3.12 and 3.13. Warning: Spoilers follow.

PHILIP: Holy crap.

JEREMIAH: #feels

PHILIP: They done out did “Beginnings” (Part 1 and 2) from last season.

JEREMIAH: It was a strong two episodes. They put lots of cool effort into their finales. I love their finale fights so much.

PHILIP: Yeah. I felt like I was watching the Avengers. Korra went all “Iron Man” on Zaheer’s ass.

JEREMIAH: And now we know what the evolved airbending power is.

PHILIP: Evolved airbending?

JEREMIAH: Yeah, you know earth has steel and lava, water has ice and blood, and fire has lightning.

PHILIP: Oh, right. Speaking of lightning . . .

JEREMIAH: Mako finally lightning-bended!

PHILIP: I know! Piece of shit.

JEREMIAH: And he barely made a motion to do it.

PHILIP: Yeah. And did you see his face after he did it? He looked up to the ceiling and had a look that said, “Why didn’t I do that earlier?” God I hate Mako.

JEREMIAH: Oh, and Bolin lava-bended too.

PHILIP: Called it. 

JEREMIAH: And then after Mako defeated the Armless Waterbender, he and Bolin tagteamed the Lava Guy. It was like watching pro-bending!

PHILIP: Yeah, you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that.

JEREMIAH: Are the bad guys dead?

PHILIP: I don’t know, but I love how poetic their defeats were. They were all “imprisoned” in some way. Their delusional sense of “freedom” ultimately got them all caged again. Combustion Lady’s face was trapped by steel, Lava Guy and Armless Waterbender were trapped under rocks. Then, of course, Zaheer was captured too. All back in their cages. Beautiful.


JEREMIAH: All the fights were beautiful. But the cooliest was probs Korra’s and Zaheer’s fight. Even just the angles of it.

PHILIP: Stellar camera work.

JEREMIAH: And Jinora saves the day again.

PHILIP: Jinora OP, I’ve been saying it for a while. Although this time she didn’t do it alone. She rallied the New Air Nation, and they saved the day together.

JEREMIAH: Yup, she is a master airbender now.

PHILIP: She looks so much like Aang, too!

JEREMIAH: But kinda ugly shaved.

PHILIP: Take that back!

JEREMIAH: She should have that weird bit of hair. Like this: 

PHILIP: I like the baldness.

JEREMIAH: She does look like Aang, but I have to say, I do not like the no-hair look.

PHILIP: So the last frame of the season. Korra crying. That broke my heart, man. It broke me.

JEREMIAH: Korra was strange in the epilogue. Not talky, depressed.

PHILIP: Yeah, she seems kinda messed up now. Psychologically.

krazy korra

JEREMIAH: The crying was a nice touch, like she’d done something great.

PHILIP: I don’t know why, but to me it seems like a perfect ending to the best season of Korra thus far. It was a happy ending, but at the same time it was so damn sad. And I can’t put my figure on why.

JEREMIAH: Cuz she’s the avatar, and we’ve never seen her this weak?

PHILIP: That might be it. In any case, she might actually have some kind of Avatar PTSD or something and hopefully it bleeds over into the next book.

JEREMIAH: Ugh, I hope if they start with her being “down” still, it doesn’t take long to bring her out of it. Like one ep, maybe two tops. Angsty poop like that makes anime annoying.

PHILIP: Pfft, angst is fine if its used correctly–if its a rational response to an event. She’s been through hell and back, and I’d say she deserves to be a little traumatized for a while.

JEREMIAH: Here, something like this: 

PHILIP: Wow, you will not let this hair thing go, will you?

JEREMIAH: I’m fixating.

PHILIP: So let’s talk Book 4. What do you think’s gonna happen? Or, I guess what do you want to see happen?


PHILIP: Oooh, war.

JEREMIAH: Assassination.

PHILIP: Oooh, assassination.

JEREMIAH: Zaheer is still alive, but in custody. The Red Lotus is still out there, too.

PHILIP: Assassination, I like that. Of the Republic City President?

JEREMIAH: And the Earth Kingdom is still in chaos.

PHILIP: There needs to be an assassination.

JEREMIAH: Now who’s fixating?

PHILIP: I’m feeling a time jump. Like, maybe up to a year. Korra is living in the South Pole and is kind of in “retirement.” The New Air Nation has the “peacekeeping” handled, and there hasn’t been much need for the Avatar. And then the president of Republic City is assassinated. It’s blamed on, I don’t know, the Earth Kingdom. War breaks out. The Legend of Korra Book 4: War. Blam.

JEREMIAH: Whatever happens, hopefully they spend some time in the Fire Nation. Team Avatar hasn’t been there yet.

PHILIP: True. I want to meet the new Fire Lord, Zuko’s daughter.

JEREMIAH: And since the Air Nation is returning to its roots as a nomadic civilization, maybe we’ll see the upside down air temple.

PHILIP: We can hope. I guess before we can adjourn we need an arbitrary rating. A+?


PHILIP: See you next year, Korra fans!

northern air temple

8 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Review: “Enter the Void”/”Venom of the Red Lotus””

  1. When Korra went Avatar state, I was thinking, “Someone’s gonna charge in and stop them.” But no, she rips the chains out of the walls and attacks them. The looks on their faces just screamed, “Oh crap.” I think that was the most scared and awed of the Avatar state that I have ever been.

    Also, I thought about Korra vs Zaheer and it kind of occured to me that it was like an inverse of Aang vs Ozai. Their flight methods were switched.

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  2. So I finally watched it. I was making chocolate oatmeal bars at the same time–i know, bad move–and I almost burned it watching Korra fight Zaheer (and when Mako FINALLY used lightning). ARGH. Seriously. PTSD and no one seems to know what to do. I personally think she thought she’d die and had resigned herself to it. Now that she lives but is in a wheelchair, she feels useless, like she lived for nothing.


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