Tycho: “Awake”

This Monday is a special one, because it’s the first day of the Fall Semester. I’m so stoked! /sarcasm. Still, I’m only taking 14 hours this year, so I shouldn’t be too busy; although I still have to do 32 hours of stinky volunteering. Aaarrrgh. Oh well; I shouldn’t complain. But if I do, at any time, get frustrated, it’s a good thing there’s Tycho to mellow me out.

Tycho is the moniker of American ambient musician Scott Hansen, who happens to be a graphic artist/photographer/producer as well. I first learned about Tycho from his 2011 album Dive, which is crazy crazy good. His 2014 follow-up album is called Awake, which came out in March, and I’m only just now giving it a listen. The 8-track Awake is a soothing journey of muted guitars and heart-thumping drums. It’s like falling through warm water, over and over again. For me, the 36-minute Awake is the perfect album to wake up to.

Fun fact: Tycho wrote some music for Toonami way back when. w00t. Anyway, what tunes are you guys lending an ear to this week? Drop me a sample in the comments section below, and have a great next seven days.

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