Watching the Dream: PAX Prime and NALCS Regionals

Featured image: the line for NALCS Regionals

Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) Prime (a.k.a. “Second-Only-to SDCC”) begins today, and runs until the end of Labor Day Weekend, on Monday, September 1.

There’s already a lot of news emanating forth from PAX, specifically from Nintendo, who earlier today announced the “New Nintendo 3DS” which is just a beautiful piece of hardware. Nintendo is also showing its due diligence for Super Smash Bros., which (for the 3DS) comes out in just over a month in North America and Europe.

The lucky ducks in Seattle, WA right now are rubbing shoulders with game-developer greats and professional e-sports players. And if you somehow don’t care about that, there’s plenty of other things to do, including watch concerts, play on consoles, computers, and even tabletop games.

And then, there’s tons of panels too. Here are the ones I’d kill (kill) to go to:

  • Sakaguchi Hironobu Reflection: Past, Present, Future of RPGs

    (Mr. Sakaguchi is the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise)

  • Halo and the Journey of The Master Chief

  • An Afternoon with Patrick Rothfuss

    (Rothfuss is a fantasy author; he wrote The Name of the Wind)

  • Music Evolved – From 8 Bit Soundtrack to Gameplay

  • So our game is called Destiny. Now what?

  • Magic: The Gathering World Building Panel

To view the Main Theater events, head to Twitch (or, alternatively, start driving to Seattle).

And as if all that weren’t good enough reason to be at PAX this year, the North American League of Legends Championship Series Regionals is finishing up there, with five best-of-five matches. The top three finishers qualify for the 2014 World Championship in Seoul later this year.  is in the semis already, so that means one more win and they qualifyyy. UNNNNNNGGHHHHUHHHH

So yeah, is THIS close to going to Worlds again. Everyone cheer for , not just to qualify for the season-ending tournament, but also to take first place in the summer split for the third straight time. GO ILYSM.

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