Giant Naked Babies: “Attack on Titan Tribute Game” Review

The thing I enjoyed most about Attack on Titan (the anime/manga) was that it came up with a cool, steampunk-y way to justify anime characters flying around all the time. If you forget the blackout risks and whatever Rule of Cool the show uses to make grappling hooks so reliable, you might think, “Why can’t I try that?” Now, with the Attack on Titan Tribute Game, you can do so without risking your life!

The Attack on Titan Tribute Game was originally developed by one guy named Feng Lee. It gives fans of the source material a chance to test out their own web-slinging, wire-swinging and titan-slaying skills!

For the uninitiated, you should know that the Titans can only be killed by slicing the backs of their necks. The machines strapped to the characters’ bodies are used to zip around and accomplish just that.

And aid pelvic thrusts.
And aid pelvic thrusts.

Navigating the world and killing Titans is the core mechanic of this game. The challenge is learning to do it better. Skate better! Of course, not everyone is going to find this fun.

What the characters do so easily in the anime, you will most likely be struggling to accomplish. In this game, “learning to do it better” is a very tall order. I’ll be the first to tell you that playing this game is difficult. When I was just starting out, just getting into position seemed to be the work of divine providence.

Amen I say to you, before the titan dies, you will smash your face into a building three times.

Over time, I learned where to hook and how to use the gas to maneuver correctly and quickly. I’ve even learned some special techniques for quick Titan take-downs. It’s this kind of skill mastery that I find so incredibly satisfying even though I’ve done nothing but learn a different timing of button presses. Unfortunately, if you don’t find this kind of skill mastery fun, then there’s little else to enjoy in the game.

It’s all endgame!

In single-player, your objective is usually to kill everything (though there is one escort mission). I wish there was some kind of narrative to tie everything together, but the game is still in development so only time will tell if there is more to come.

Multiplayer can either be in a competitive setting (humans against Titans) or in a cooperative setting. I haven’t really tried the competitive mode, so I can’t speak about that. Cooperative sessions usually involve a mission of some kind or a boss enemy. Cooperative play can be a blast, especially if it’s everyone’s first go at the game, boss, or mission.

What’s special about multiplayer is that it’s possible to support 99 players at once!

98 chances to find someone worse at the game than you are!

The spectacle is like none other in video games (that I can recall). Titans smash the ground as players scatter in all directions like ants. Others, meanwhile, take the opportunity to get up on the hydra’s back climb on their backs and slice their necks. The experience can break down however, as the connection with such a heavily populated game session is iffy sometimes. But usually, connections are mostly problem free.

Whether you’re a fan of the show and/or manga, or just want to pass some time, the Attack on Titan Tribute Game is certainly worth a look, especially since it’s free to play (only Unity Web Player is required to play it).

Check it out here.

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