5 Nights, 9 Films: The ASV Halloween Movie Marathon [UPDATED]

[Update] Added ratings.

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate the year’s spooookiest week, Staff Writer Jeremiah, (who was fired and then self-rehired), Game Editor Brian, and myself are getting together to watch scary movies while we stuff our faces with candy. Why? Because explanation.

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More Casting Announcements for the Expanse!

More casting announcements for The Expanse!

Jared Harris (Mad Men) as Anderson Dawes
Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead) as Fred Johnson
Kristen Hager (Being Human) as Ade Nygaard
Shawn Doyle (Big Love) as Sadavir Errinwright

AND the first episode has been given the title “Dulcinea”–anyone who’s read the books will probably know what this means, and get nerdfeelz T_T

Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”

This Thanksgiving season, Walt Disney Animation Studios presents us a solid family movie about a pre-teen prodigy and his best friend, an inflatable (and hilarious) healthcare robot named Baymax. Together, they and four friends endeavor to stop a new threat to San Fransokyo (yea, you read that correctly). How? By becoming superheroes.

Big Hero 6 (2014) offers breath-taking animation—crisp, clean, incredibly convincing textures—and an . . . average plotline, I’d say. Although a bit heavier on the choice of life lessons than I expected, the movies makes for a great opportunity to speak with kids (hey, and other adults as well, if you like; not judging here) about family, loss, and how one deals with it. Determining underlying themes and motifs are for adults though. Young children, I’m sure, will love this movie simply for the superheros. Whoo! Continue reading Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”

Nominations for “the Game Awards 2014”

Ten days ago, we expressed our excitement for the upcoming and inaugural “Game Awards” to take place on December 5th at the Axis Theater in Las Vegas (DIE, CHRISTINE). Today the nominations for all 21 categories were announced, some of which I have very strong, very visceral feelings about. And, since I know you’re all just dying to know my opinion on everything (/s) I’ll share it here.

Disclaimer: I have not played every game in this list nor am I an expert analyst of interactive media. I just get excited 🙂

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“Begin Again” Review: Songs On Your Playlist

Following his 2006 film Once, director-writer John Carney set out to create another musical story, Begin Again (2013), which details how two SOL people find a way to help each other, well, begin again. Yea, this description isn’t exactly the most inspiring, and honestly, neither is the trailer. (But hey, Mark Ruffalo; that’s my excuse.)

It’s a movie for music lovers, about music lovers, and I think the central ideas about love and family are better accepted if the viewer is in the mood to be swayed. I will say, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed all 104 minutes. The songs within leave you on an even keel, like you were told a feel-good story without being forced-fed clichéd characters’ ennui. My favorite scenes, in fact, are the ones where the most important dialogue is conveyed entirely by the subtext of the music.

Essentially, Carney didn’t make it too serious. I chuckled aloud more often than not, and most of it had to do with the acting. Continue reading “Begin Again” Review: Songs On Your Playlist