Into the Woods Trailer #2

Apparently NOT delayed!!! And definitely looks to follow the stage version. I’m just WAY too excited for this movie. But first things first, I need someone to look after my toddler so I can go stare wide-eyed at Interstellar.

2 thoughts on “Into the Woods Trailer #2”

  1. Looks great! Although I read somewhere that a certain girl-with-extremely-long-hair-trapped-in-a-tower DOESN’T die in this adaptation, which would have an extreme impact on the overall theme of the play, plus the “Children Will Listen/Children Won’t Listen” songs that the Witch sings.

    Interstellar seems…stellar. The only thing stopping me from rushing to the theatre, however, is Matthew McConaughwerywehre. I just. I can’t. Might just go see Nightcrawler or Big Hero 6.


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