An Unexpected Journey: “Alphabet Cinema”

Today, I am embarking on a journey of indeterminable length. A journey of great good average importance to my overall television and movie consumption. I dub it “Alphabet Cinema.”

What is it? A dual attempt at expanding my TV/movie viewing pool and catching up on recommended shows, a.k.a. a semi-ambitious project for my days off a.k.a. becoming more eccentric than I already am a.k.a. I needed a hobby and a goal; this is it.

I will NOT fail you, ASV-ers.

The selections shall proceed from A to Z, and will only be either TV or film. The reviews shall not exceed five paragraphs, unless they do, of course. Ratings will be succinct. Deadline will be . . . before mid-July. I think.

Alphabet Soup will not be standing in for any of 2015’s planned reviews–big blockbusters and the like. My intent is for these blurbs to be just that. Consequently, some may feel incomplete, especially if I’m only reviewing TV pilots.

To be honest, I’m excited! I’ve books to read, a toddler to raise, but this project should be sufficiently distracting for my multitasking predispositions.

My list is already made. For certain letters, I chose the show intentionally. The rest of them were products of a Netflix search. I typed a letter (or two) and picked a show. Gotta say, some of what lies ahead of me . . . is a bit worrying. You’ll see what I mean soon. The list will be a surprise, yea?

*Holds up scissors* Here, let’s cut the ribbon a.k.a. wave the starting flag a.k.a. shoot the go-gun a.k.a. figure out what the hell I’m doing.

First up: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (2012)

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Journey: “Alphabet Cinema””

    1. Sure. Want me to send you drafts of what I have for the NEXT TIME’s or you thinking you’ll review something different that starts with a particular letter?


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