BeCos Cosplay

I’m actually writing this post with a house full of the infirm, myself included. Don’t ask for details; they are not pretty. However, I’m hoping that by day’s end, life will be much more kind.

This week’s Tuesday Threads features a cosplayer by the name of Stella Chuu from California. She makes all her costumes, props, weapons, etc. (Can we say wow?) and has appeared at a couple cosplay conventions. Check her out on her Facebook page or her dedicated Chubear Cosplay page. I believe her Lich Queen Elsa also won a cosplay award. Impressive, no? However, that was back in November.

For now, I’m touching on her Blink cosplay from X-Men: Days of Future Past. What do you think??

Note that strategically placed hair strand to camouflage where the custom pointed ear piece (from Robert Benevides) connects to the real one. That is key, folks.

Photography by Saffels Photography. Kickass extra beadwork on Chubear’s jacket by Sallendria Cosplay.

2015 so far promises to be a great year for her and I’ll be following along. 🙂

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