The AFK Tavern: “A Place for Geeks and Gamers”

A.K.A. Heaven?

I sat down after a 13-hr work day fully intent on paying my Visa card in full. I ended up researching food. Such is life, amiright?

Christine, is this the beginning of Foodie Friday? Salivating hunger spasms want to know!

Ah, wouldn’t that be committing to yet another weekly post? Are you sure you want to pressure me into this?? Can’t I just do monthly? What if I fail to live up to your expectations? Would the disappointment of unappetizing appetizers oust me from your favor forevermore?

Depends on what AFK Tavern is. So talk!

Well, I’m glad you asked so gorramn nicely! 

The AFK Tavern is a juicy little idea that bloomed into a concrete find-it-on-a-map venue full of awesomeness. Opened in 2010 in Everett, Washington, this restaurant features two of my all-time favorites: food and board games. Like, lots of board games. See the list, and wish you were in the Seattle area with me. Now! Wish it! Wish it hard!

They are “first and foremost a community center for nerds, gamers, geeks, and socialites.” Ah, a philosophy I can wholeheartedly support. Come eat, or play games, or just hang out (yes, away from your keyboard). There are trivia nights (oh yay), as well as karaoke nights (oh dear), and friggin’ themed events for all things nerdy (ah joyous of joys!). You can drink wine/beer/plain ‘ole H2O, if you want (or abstain in order to really give your friends their just desserts).

All right! You and me, baby! Blokus! Or Clue! I suck at Clue, but hell, let’s do it. Wait, WTF is “Kittens in a Blender?”

I haven’t a clue! But don’t you want to go there and find out? I mean, they don’t just have a food and wine menu,

afk tavern menu
For example, I’ll have a Dragon, please. Medium rare.

featuring burgers, yes, as well as the tantalizing “Bacon of Eternity” side dish, but also a game menu! A GAME MENU, FOLKS. This is a game changer.

(Ugh, why are you writing like this?)

(I may be slightly cracked at the moment. Suck it!) Besides, their games are free. No renting. Although, I’m thinking there’s plenty of call-ins and table reservations. Ah, but I don’t care! AFK Tavern, you’ve got a fan in me.

So, now what? Move to Washington and henceforth endure no more evenings yearning for people who will consent to playing board games face-to-face with you , widdle Christine?

Shut up! You promised you wouldn’t bring that up!

What? I’m just your stomach, silly, psychotic woman. I don’t promise anything. (I just take from you.)


AHEM. And now it looks likes they have a second location opening in Renton. Keep going, I say! Check out their Facebook page for more info and photos of delectable dishes and nerdy solidarity.Then call me up and we’ll grab a plane up north, yes?

Now, please excuse me while I go get a snack.


9 thoughts on “The AFK Tavern: “A Place for Geeks and Gamers””

  1. This place sounds amazing.

    What? I’m just your stomach, silly, psychotic woman. I don’t promise anything. (I just take from you.)

    One day we’ll show those stomachs who’s boss. They’ll need us to give them medications for heartburn, acid reflux, and other similar sounding things . . .

    Oh wait, that’s just more taking.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. This place sounds pretty freaking awesome. I guess it is important to go AFK now and again.

    I don’t know about the International (not a Dota 2 player) but there ARE a million of other things to do in Seattle.

    P.S. I don’t think you need a snack. Maybe a psychiatrist?


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