Happy 28th Birthday Christine!

In addition to the amazinglyhilariousandmoving first season of Pushing Daisies that I sent you, I thought I’d transcribe a certain “Harry Potter Notebook” from a halcyon era long past.


Look familiar? Here’s to memories with the GREATEST ONLY FILM EDITOR IN ASV HISTORY: (I apologize in advance for any spelling errors. I’m just transcribing it as it appears on page)

Page 1

March 6, 2003
Konnichiwa, my little Otou-to(?) Genki deska? Since you have strangely refused to write in this little book of yours, I decided to take it upon myself to be a little intruder. <alarms blare> Nah. I did ask you, demo, you ddin't care anyways. Heck. Anything to make a page in here interesting, ne? LoL So, how ya been? Silly me. I should know that. I see you every single day. Well, then let me take a moment to comment on your recent behavior. (As your sister, "It is my right.") You have been withdrawn to say the least. Peculiar to say that you go on a whim. Take this journal for example--geez! $12.95 down the drain! Have you no guilt? Wasteful! Tsk. Tsk. Oh, + the Yu-Gi-Oh card. Strange again. Hope you had fun reading this if you did. I'll try to be more positive in later entries. Ja!
-Christine signing out! ^_^
P.S. Parents don't read this--got it?

I mean . . . WTF? What is going on here? What Yu-Gi-Oh card!?!?!? Moving on . . .

Page 2

Cake or death?

Page 3

March 6, 2003
Hi, Christine . . . watcha' been up to? Blooin-bloo! Blotch! I really don't nkow what to tlak about. I'm really not sure what do with my new card, the Guardian Sphinx? I'm bored! Mom said she was going to take me to Nhi's house . . . but . . . but . . . but she didn't! Waahh!!!!!! That's all I have for today!
Your bro, Undercover Agent Philip
P.S. Is Brian writing in this?

Apparently all I thought about was Yu-Gi-Oh cards back then.

Page 4

March 6, 2003
I really need to do my homework. Freaks . . .

Page 5

You guys must be really bored or really stupid, so I wonder what that makes me? Anywayz I pose a question for you, here goes
"Is it a good thing that a vacuum sucks?"
Quite brain-bending isn't it? How bout this
"Why do you need to wash towels if you're clean when you use them?"
Try answering that question smarty.
P.S. Christine, I'm gonna steal your lamb
Van Tran

Well, that took a weird turn . . .

Page 6

Ok van I can't answer any of those questions.
This is my second entry so let's get started. Started with what you ask? I don't know either . . . I finally got "Dust Tornado"! But I still need another set of the Magnets. So my deck is getting a little better.
I predict I'll get straight A's on my report card. Cool, eh? Eh? Eh? Poo-pee-po-po. Very final words eh? Eh? I like the word "eh"!
Honey I shrunk the kids! Philip Pham

Page 7

No writing on this one, besides the date, a name, and a picture:


Page 10

Well, looking at those past entries . . . eep. You are so hyper and mean! Sigh . . . oh well brothers are brothers anyways: [Some kanji or hiragana, that Brian says is "butchered" in the margins, dated 2009]
Hehe, oh and this is a tribute for your new friend: Philip Junior --> [more kanji/hiragana] So, I think that's all for today's morning home alone (well except for the sleeping uncle downstairs . . .) I'll see you next time of learning to ignore Christine's Japanese writing. Ja!
Christine Pham

Page 12

Someday in March
RL - shelter union [circled] displacement boc shadow [checkmarked] rebirth recuperation [circled] flesh of

Page 13

-Nov. 14 03
YO! I've been yoie yo! So, yo, watcha been doing LATELY??? I haven't yo, been, yo, on
Why haven't I found any new -yo- entrys from any of you, yo? So, yo, I've go to go, yo. BYE, YO!!!!

Page 14

Dude you have got to be one of the craziest ppl alive . . . Mesa afraid to talk to you-sa. Besides, I'm drowning in this homework (yo) so either get mom & dad not to care about my grades, or lay off my case! AHHAH! [HIRAGANA]
-Pulitzer Prize Winner

Page 15

January 20. 2004
A year year since my lastg entry . . . cool!
Anyway, I now have a  'MAGICIAN' Deck in Yugioh. Hey look! WORMS! Or snakes, or larvae, or maybe bacteria . . . don't KNOW don't CARE! OKY DOKY! BYE! That's all I have
for now for now for now for now for now
-Philip Pham

Page 16

November 24, 2005. Thanksgiving Day
Another year since my last entry. No one has discovered this book and wrote in it yet. Odd, I put it in plain sight. I seem . . . hyper in my last entries. Creepy. Ah, well, whatever. Happy Turkey Day!
Philip Pham
P.S. Algebra sucks!

Page 17

October 28 2006
ANOTHER year since my last entry! Jeez no one reads this stuff. But I guess that is for the better, considering people who read this would think us insane. Oh well, I can live with that. I now suck in school (high school). Brian is next to me, moaning, yawning, and being rather stupid. I'm not gonna right write in this anymore until someone else does. So heres to anyone reading this. O_o. (chaa . . . )
P.S. No one's going to write in this. I bet you a dime. That's right, a WHOLE dime.
-Philip Pham

Page 18

Same day
I don't like writing on a pillow because it has some strange shock absorption effect, but oh well. I will now attempt to write my next sentence with my mouth.


-Brian Pham

Page 19

October 30, 2006. All Hallow's Eve's Eve
Boo! Scared ya didn't I? Yeah I'm so good at that . . . And Brian I don't owe you 10 cents cuz I dun gotz any. Halloween quickly approaches, and I have nothing to do. I'm bored so that's y I am writing in this. I was leaning close to the paper to write with dramatic effect, and suddenly reprimanded by Father. Brian is bothering me with Monkey.
Philip Pham

Page 20

August 30, 2009. -A Sunday-
Well this book has been surprisingly amusing. If finding out that our younger selves must have been taking illegal substances is amusing. Just kidding. (It's much worse now anyways)
I'll refrain from commenting on my use of Japanese. It's as unneccessary as it was to use it in the first place
So, what's the objective of these entries any who? An update? As in, "Yea, I'm in my last semester of college now + oh my gawd, I'm gonna be getting a full time job & being an adult . . . geez someone stop the clock, I feel like a hag!" type of entry? Oh. No? Hmm, well then a philosophical entry?
"It seems, my brothers, that our lives are a flighty gander of geese. Graceful in their movement thru tie, but foul when protecting their eggs from potential attackers."
That's right. That was deep. So deep that you didn't even get it, did you? don't worry, if you pass out trying to figure it out, I know how to resuscitate you. --or @ the very least, what drugs to give you to kick start your heart.
Update! You two are cleaning your shared bathroom ahora. Yea--our uncle--the nocturnal one--moved out--> w/ his new wife!!! *GASP* You NEVER saw that one coming!
Or at least, I never did. Guess living in the dorms takes you out of the loop yea?
I always love coming home though. Truly. And now, friends, brothers, . . . etc, I have meds to review, studying of the deepest, darkest kind to accomplish. Ta-ta!
-Christine <--I got good at that
P.S. Someone please talk/write about our BLEACH project! Oh, & my guess on why we didn't write sooner: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, HOUSE, THE OFFICE, and other distractions. OH, AND ROCK BAND.

Page 22

Well, I was just checking over Christin'es early hiragana work, but I decided to write a small entry anyway. Fried rice is good. Christine's handwriting is good. w/e It's the end of = [hiragana]
At least, I think that's correctly written.

Page 24

Jan 1st, 2011
It would seem, brother Philip, that your attempts to sequester this journal from prying eyes, masking tape bound around the outside will be reparable after all, considering that I was able to remove the annoying substance's marring the cover.
In any case, that is not the main point. The subject of this journal entry is already obviated by the date. 2011 has happened upon us with such hate, has it not? Many things will occur this year, and I felt the urge to make mile-mark entries while I still can. It has been more than a year since my last entry, and I feel no differently than I did then, I suppose. A little bewildered that I have been in the working force for a whole year & have remained intact, yes, + engaged to Jeffrey, but who didn't expect that? No, I reckon the biggest difference lies in my attempts to plan my wedding. I simply wish it were over. Funny, isn't it? That I am more than loathe to plan one of the most significant events of my young life & yet I leap @ chances to plan projects (like our Bleach one) with my beloved brothers, write itineraries galore for road trips, and anticipate mom's reactions to a cruise. I cannot imagine being in a state so apart from my family that a short 30min drive won't cure. The realization is here in my head, but the emotion will not follow, I am sure, until I am unpacking @ some far apartment out west.
Jeff once said to me that he is not friends with his siblings. The statement struck me as strange since the notion to the negative had not occurred to me before. We had always been friendly as sibling, and, for the most part, inclined to share experiences, right, brothers? I do not know how it was for you when I left for college, true, so I cannot account for much. But I did miss you. As I will miss you moreso when in an entirely different state. Teleportation really needs a boost!
Alas, this is not the place to be writing those novellas for you two. So I will hold off for now.
Let's just look forward to the cruise yes? That, and the new couches . . . and the filming! We shall be busy. Happy New Year.

Page 31

Unknown Date
This is as
Whoever reads this DIES at MIDNIGHT!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane. A little psychedelic, but that’s the past for you. And for the record, Brian and I miss you too. =P


10 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday Christine!”

  1. Shit, Philip, this ain’t no time to give me EMOTIONS. Stars above, what a surprise this post is, and how much I absolutely love it!! Can’t believe you still have that journal. It started out so cringe-worthy. I can’t decide if a dozen years have improved our sanity or not. At least our coherency has benefited from academic pursuits, but I have the feeling our younger selves would mourn the loss of Yu-gi-oh.
    Sigh. Halcyon days indeed.
    Thank you for this.
    I wish I were home.
    P.S. Harpie lady? Not as annoying as Man-Eater Bug.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was entertaining to say the least. I never knew you guys did this, I never even remember seeing this journal, and how many times had I come over during those 12 years?

    I love the talk about Yu-gi-oh and how the earlier writing is almost mentally incoherent babble.

    P.S. The last entry was beautiful, who did that?

    P.P.S? Happy birthday Christine!

    Liked by 2 people

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