Be Mine, Valentine: Looking to TV’s Best Couples

If this Valentine’s Day isn’t particularly special for you, no worries. Why let one day of the year dictate how you treat your significant other? There are other days that you genuinely feel love for him or her, right? ( . . . Right?) And no one says you won’t be currently working through a disagreement of some kind when February 14th rolls around.

Oh. You’re single?

Weeellll, that’s what the Pikachu’s above are for: moral support, general fluffiness, and Pokemon solidarity. (PI-KA!!!) I hope it brightens your day, if it needs brightening.

Want more? We ASV-ers have spoken and below, we’ve compiled a list of the best couples in television. These are the pairs that just work better together, the relationships that you watch on-screen for nostalgia, for laughs, and for inspiration. (Well, that’s the first list at least. The second list includes. . .scarier duos.) They’re so memorable, thinking of one naturally leads to contemplating the other.

Aaaand apparently, we turned our descriptions into a commentary. Y-ep. Enjoy!


Zoe & Wash (Firefly)

Brian: Their great marriage painted a Joss target on their relationship.
Philip: Gonna be honest–first interracial TV couple I ever did saw.
Christine: I honestly think Joss looked at this line from Firefly Ep. 1.6: Wash: “I don’t know. I’m starting to like this poetry idea now. ‘Here lies my beloved Zoë, my autumn flower, somewhat less attractive now that she’s all corpsified and gross,'” and thought, let’s make it the other way around, while laughing maniacally.

Jim & Pam (The Office)

Brian: Nice couple. Didn’t stick around to find out how it all turned out.
Philip: They died.
Christine: No, Jim just turned Asian.

Turk & J.D. (Scrubs)

Philip: I loathe this show. Ask Jeremiah.
Christine: I’m not familiar enough with the series to know the whole story, but every clip I’ve seen with them really showcases their bromance. Some say there is none stronger.

Donna & Eric (That ‘70s Show)

Brian: Breakup/Makeup shenanigans. But what else can you do to stretch the relationship in a show?
Philip: Hot girl-next-door + loveable nerd, how nice. I still don’t see either actor as anyone else but D & E.

Mulder & Scully (The X-Files)

Philip: I’ll never understand what Scully saw in Mulder.
Christine: Aliens.

Darrin & Samantha (Bewitched)

Philip: I don’t . . . I vaguely . . . no, nothing. Sorry.
Christine: She wiggled her nose like a bunny and magic happened. Darrin apparently didn’t find it weird until after they were married. But, hey, they were ABC’s nighttime television darlings from 1964 to 1972. Remember?? Right next to I Dream of Jeannie (1965 – 1972).

Sherlock & Watson (Sherlock)

Philip: Great partnership. Sherlock would be nothing without Watsonnn! Although I would argue Sherlock/Moriarty are a better couple 🙂
Christine: Sherlock and Moriarty would never get along. Too unpredictable, the both of them. I mean, even in Sherlock’s psyche, Moriarty’s locked up in a padded cell. John Hamish Watson, now, he grounds him. Pulls him back from crazy just enough to keep Donovan’s prediction from S1E1 from coming true.

Alison & Donnie (Orphan Black)

Philip: Donnie, you monster! Alison you deserve better! (But not really.)
Christine: The couple that kills together, stays together.

Cory & Topanga (Boy Meets World)

Brian: BEST ONE (even though they also broke up and made up a bunch of times).
Philip: Extremely-layered relationship that had me laughing even during their rough patches, and from what I’ve seen of them on Girl Meets World, still pretty funny in their middle age.
Christine: As a child, they were my definition of a healthy relationship. Thank you, Cory and Topanga. Thank you.

Andy & April (Parks and Recreation)

Brian: Nevermind, these two are the best. End of story.
Christine: Why the silence, Philip?
Philip: True love is just so beautiful.

The Doctor & Rose (Doctor Who)

Philip: *gag*
Christine: I’m sure some Whovians would agree with you. Buuuut, I’m not one of them. Still love Rose. Still love Ten. However, I have it in my heart for multiple Doctors. See below.

The Doctor & River (Doctor Who)

Christine: Oh god, the more I remember, the harder I’m able to go back to above. Yep. River and the 11th Doctor. “Hello Sweetie.” I mean, c’mon, the woman can drive the TARDIS, too.

Amy & Rory (Doctor Who)

Philip: Thank God for Rory. Amy and the Eleventh OOZE brother-sister. That said, how could she not choose The Boy Who Waited?
Christine: I love Rory’s character development throughout the series. This couple really earned their supporters, I think. I can’t see them apart.

Carrie Mathison & Nicholas Brody (Homeland)

Philip: These two out-Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet.
Christine: Yep. No better description.

Carrie Mathison & Peter Quinn (Homeland)

Christine: I don’t need another fanfiction fixation. I don’t. Stop it. Right now. Goddammit.

Sarah Linden & Stephen Holder (The Killing)

Philip: Will they, won’t they? The world will never know.
Christine: Call 1-800-LINDEN, Holder. Just do it.

Korra & Asami (The Legend of Korra)

Philip: There can be no denying Korrasami!!!
Christine: What the hell is this?!? This is a thing? Oh. Should have seen this coming. Anyone but Mako, right?


Bonnie & Clyde (Bonnie & Clyde)

Christine: I’d heard them referenced often enough to understand what people meant by doing so, which earned them a spot on this list. However, I hadn’t known that the 1967  movie about these two (real) American robbers was being remade. Yep, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker’s story came back in 2013 as a TV mini-series.

Dwight Schrute & Angela Martin (The Office)

Christine: The plots they’d hatch together often came to hilarious fruition but you have to give them points for ambition, ruthlessness against their co-workers, and conversing without looking at each other.
Philip: Their secret office sex was hilarious to me for some reason. I also remember that great scene between Dwight and Andy that culminated in both of them screaming “Oh, D!!!”

Frank & Claire Underwood (House of Cards)

Christine: The Underwoods are two of the most conniving, bloodthirsty politicians to lead a story on television. Yet their loyalty in each other is completely unshakeable. Their marriage, though used to take down anyone and everyone in their path, is rock solid.
Philip: Alex loves this couple.

The Joker & Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series)

Brian: Showing people everywhere what an abusive relationship looks like. An entertaining, abusive relationship.
Philip: Harley Quinn has got to be one of the greatest sidekicks ever. Emphasis on the kick.
Christine: I can still hear her high-pitched, fawning, “Mistah J!” I never could figure out if she joined him willingly or was a product of some kind of Stockholm Syndrome. I’m sure DC fans know. That said, she actually was a pretty decent sidekick.

Spike & Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Christine: Dysfunctionally Crazy for Centuries: An Autobiography by Spike and Drusilla. With an introduction by pre-Buffy Angel, Drusilla’s sire, and an afterword by Buffy, who broke up one of the most badass (and psychotic) vampire couples in history. Thanks a lot, Summers.

Cole & Phoebe (Charmed)

Christine: Oh man, I remember being so into their relationship as a teenager. Luckily I don’t remember most of it, but it was a huge tug ‘o war IIRC.

George & Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Christine: Manipulation and neglect = Bluth Parenting 101

Cersei & Jaime (Game of Thrones)

Philip: *gag*
Christine: Who put this on here? Ugh. Why? Exhibit A: Joffrey.
Philip: Maybe move this one to “Baddies.”
Christine: Done.

Louis & Lestat (Interview with a Vampire)

Christine: Hmm, how many times will it take Louis to learn that Lestat is nigh indestructible? If Turk and JD were bromance icons, then the relationship between this vampire “couple” lies on the opposite spectrum–as far away from functional as you can get.

Julian Sark and Lauren Reed (Alias)

Christine: I’ll admit, I’m a Sark and Sydney shipper. So very much. I hated Lauren. HATED. However, in the end, I cannot deny that these two Benedict Arnold’s fit well together, that is, until Sark totally schools friggin’ Lauren on how to be a villain!

Number Six and Gaius Balta (Battlestar Galactica)

Philip: Tricia Helfer can create chemistry with ANYONE. I mean ANYONE. Even slimy/pathetic/unredeemable . . .
Christine: . . . yellow-bellied invertebrates? Quite.

So tell us who your favorite television couple is, for good or bad. And enjoy the day. Ta!

2 thoughts on “Be Mine, Valentine: Looking to TV’s Best Couples”

  1. Only a couple of pairings on here I recognize or know anything about. But the scrubs one you want me opinion? It was quite the bromance.

    Also, there was the Korrasami! There are quite a few youtube reaction videos to the ending of avatar and the korrasami moments are always a good one to see. Cheers!


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