Ninja New York: Dining in Feudal Japan

I’m hungry again.

That pretty sums up the reason for another foodie post. However, I do want to talk a bit about my choice this time around (beyond the fact that I LOVE THIS CONCEPT).

Welcome, to Ninja New York, the restaurant that yanks you into its feudal ambiance and wows you with tasty Japanese dishes . . . that ninja serve to you.

You read that correctly. Ninjas. Your waiter is a ninja (or at least a person in ninja garb with ninja moves and mysteriously dark, ninja-like surroundings). No, definitely not the ones from the mind of Kishimoto Masashi (creator of Naruto), but still exciting!!!

Can you spot the ninja? I bet you can’t. 🙂

President Haruo Yazaki of Shinobi NY LLC (pretty badass on a business card, yea?) strives to awe and thrill customers, and the execution of his idea definitely conveys that philosophy. The staff performs “ninjutsu” tricks and apparently can jump at you without warning while you dine in your private screened-off booth.

From the Yelp reviews, it seems the kind of place that definitely delivers on the novelty, if not always on the food, which is basically Asian fusion with some very impressive presentations, e.g. sake “waterfalls” and sponge cake with a bonsai tree.

As one might imagine, the place is incredibly popular (though pricey). Reservations fill quickly and that’s no surprise given the restaurant is only open from 6 PM to 11 PM (5 PM to 11 PM on weekends).

Yea, it sounds a bit ostentatious and for some, it may be “trying too hard,” to the point that eating there would be rather annoying.

Don’t care. I still want to try it out. Unfortunately, I am a fair distance from the Big Apple at the moment. Sigh.

Also, I’m still hungry.

Fire, swords, and food!

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