BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

German college student Abyssinier (Aby) has been a female cosplayer and propmaker since 2004, and I first saw her as a rather convincing (though obviously more effeminate) King Thranduil, from The Hobbit.

See? Thranduil’s snooty attitude to a tee. Photo credit: Lilif Ilane Artwork

She also made costumes for Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Loki (Thor), Ymir (Attack on Titan), and many others. See her gallery either on Deviantart or Facebook. I’d recommend the latter, however, since it features more recent work, including tutorials, thermoplastic casting, molds, and her articles for German cosplay magazine Cohaku (English editions in the works!) Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

DIY for the Nerd

If you know what this means:

Rnd 24: sc 4, 2 in next (inc), repeat 6 times (30)
Rnd 25 – 30: sc 1 in each (30)
Rnd 31: sc 23, ch 2, skip 7 (23, 2 chs)
Rnd 32: sc 1 in each including chs (25)
Rnd 33 – 34: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 35: sc 11, 6, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 36: sc 9, 8, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 37: sc 10, 9, sc 6 (25)
Rnd 38: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 39: sc 4, 29 in back stitches (33)

Then congratulations, you know how to crochet! (And I bow to you. All the times I tried to learn, I kept making a circle instead of a square.) So what is it you’re making with those instructions up there? Why, what else? Iron Man gloves!

I know. I know. Change the circle into an oval with tongue and it’d look like Deidara’s mouth-hand (Naruto). Or keep it eye-shaped, add long nails, and go as the Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth).

Continue reading DIY for the Nerd

St. Patrick’s Day and the Color Green

Wear green today or people start eyeing the fatty part of your arms with the malicious intent of pinching it until it bruises. (Yea, little Christine did not enjoy that one day in elementary school, okay?)

Instead of pinching, however, or copious amounts of alcohol, I’m just gonna post something a bit more frivolous for St. Paddy’s holiday. I present: Nine Characters in Nerd-dom That Are Decidedly Green. (Note: I TRIED ranking them; it DIDN’T work. I’m too indecisive; don’t judge me!!!) Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day and the Color Green

Alphabet Cinema: “I” is for “An Idiot Abroad”

I want him to hate it. I want him to hate every minute of it for my own amusement. –Ricky Gervais

I was skeptical, at first, how free worldwide travel could possible be. Sounded like a prank. Sounded like my bucket list come true.

But Karl Pilkington is so decidedly and conspicuously British, he makes An Idiot Abroad (2010–ongoing) entertaining! While most avid travelers (like co-host Stephen Merchant) would view the adventures as chances to embrace different cultures, Karl, so set in his creature comforts, cannot help but complain his ass off. (Granted, he does make many good points sometimes.)

Hosts and producers Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant (Both creators of The Office (UK)) send their friend Karl to see the Seven Wonders of the World. Unfortunately for Karl, the two know him quite well, and arrange his trip to be much more. . .immersive than he’d like. Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “I” is for “An Idiot Abroad”

Alphabet Cinema: “H” is for “Hereafter”

Did you ever buy a really cheap rental copy of a movie from a dying Blockbuster before one of its branches went caput? Yep, I did that quite a lot; it was oddly satisfying. Problem is, I haven’t finished watching them all yet . . . so let’s begin with:

Hereafter (2010). From the DVD cover, looks like a paranormal action tale with Matt Damon. Uh, nope. Remove one of those adjectives. Despite Damon’s face, Hereafter boasts very little running and jumping (after the first twenty minutes or so). In fact, it isn’t all about Damon’s character either, even though his paranormal ability does play as a fulcrum to the plot. The story is split into three sections of a braid. Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “H” is for “Hereafter”

Alphabet Cinema: “G” is for “Gone Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy”

My brother wanted me to review Gone Girl (2014) for “G” but it hadn’t been on my Alphabet Cinema list when I first made it. (I’m still surprised he didn’t write a review first.) I’d had this film on my Redbox watch list though, and wanted to watch Oscar-nominated Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice, Jack Reacher) in action.

Ruthlessness lies in those eyes.

So, because of her stellar skill and the movie’s success in general, I’m adding this blurp about Gone Girl, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn of the same title.

Watch it. (Maybe not with your significant other, if you’re having tiffs.)

It is a brutal analysis on marriage and the two partners involved therein. The critique is wrapped inside a media smorgasbord topped with suspected murder, one terrifyingly cunning wife, and the chance to strip all pretenses of marital bliss. It’s the type of shitstorm that either makes you, or breaks you. Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “G” is for “Gone Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy”