Kingdom Hearts 2: The Sandwich Review

After the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, I knew its sequel was due for a like treatment, and on December 2 (for North America), Square Enix did just that. I loaded up the game with eager anticipation, but was this old sandwich still a classic or had it expired?


Kingdom Hearts 2–the original–has very solid mechanics. Combat plays like an action game (e.g. Devil May Cry), and character progression is similar to an RPG’s, where defeating enemies gives you experience and thus, levels that make you stronger and unlock new abilities.

Crap-tons of abilities.

What Kingdom Hearts 2 does extremely well is blend those two aspects. For example, if you come across a difficult boss fight, you can choose to either get more levels or practice the fight. Leveling gives obvious advantages, but it’s never strictly required. That’s because there is never any situation in the game that forces you to take damage; therefore, leveling up is optional.

The better you are at blocking and dodging, the less you will need to level.

A lack of levels can be made up for with raw skill, and a lack of skill can be made up for by leveling. This opens the game up to be enjoyed by a huge variety of players. Kingdom Hearts achieves a difficulty balance that many games can only dream to have: not too hard, not too easy.


As this video hilariously points out, this game is enormously bloated with cutscenes. It can be especially frustrating when you run into a chain of cutscenes that load one after the other. Thankfully, all cutscenes are skippable, but a newcomer would be left very confused if they skipped too many.
“Why do you matter again?”

KH2 marks the point where the series’ plotlines tangle themselves into a nigh undecipherable spaghetti of Metzen-esque garbage. Although I will admit that it is a good marketing strategy (play the spinoffs if you want to stop the headache! or make them worse).

Also, the Narm is strong with this one.
“They won’t even want to catch us if we run like this!”


Honestly, when the first Kingdom Hearts came out, I thought it looked stupid. A bunch of Disney characters mashed together in one game? A weird kid with clown shoes for a main character smacking things with a big key? This cannot be good in any way.
Everyone’s got an awkward stage.

Thank God I was wrong. The developers’ ability to make an oversized key so freaking awesome just boggles my mind. KH2 features smooth and slick animations, jaw-droppingly epic battles, and Yoko Shimomura’s amazing music in remastered form. This game is truly a spectacle to behold.


Okay, I just want to slip in a few of my favorite scenes. I’ll try to be quick about it.
Like a hot key through butter.
The Other Promise
They don’t make boss fights like these anymore! No, I don’t know where that hat is from.


ASV Rating: A
Sandwich Rating: SO DELICIOUS

What’s your take on Kingdom Hearts 2? Nostalgic classic or confusing crud? Let us know in the comments below!

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