The Jekyll And Hyde Club

Last time, I brought you ninjas; this time, there be a doctor and his inner monster.

A haunted restaurant, bar and social club for eccentric explorers and mad scientists where guests eat, drink and socialize among the unusual and the bizarre.

Its entrance hidden somewhere within the “Henry Jekyll and Sons Surgical Supplies of London” shop in Times Square, the Jekyll & Hyde Club Restaurant and Bar serves up curiosities of the darker kind. While I hesitate to label them as nightmare-inducing (depending one’s age, of course), the ambiance, actors, and wall hangings apparently endeavor to disconcert their visitor, at the very least.

One of the dining rooms at 216 West 44th Street. Open 11 AM to 11PM (midnight FRI & SAT)

The menu consists of typical American fare (salads, burgers, fries, steaks, pastas, pizza, a bit of fish) and a splash of dessert plates. The bulk, however, seems to lie in the drink menu. They’ve beer and wine, yes, but also cocktails and martinis bearing provocative names such as the apropos “Alter Ego” and “Lucid Dream.” My favorite, though, has to be “Death by Poison.”

I’d like to go here one day if only for the walls of books, case of talking skulls, and, well, perhaps the chance to be creepier than my surroundings. ‘Twould be an fascinating challenge, don’t you think?


  • Decor, of the eccentric kind, full of knick-knacks that may or may not move
  • Performing “scientists” and assistants prowl the tables
  • Good for tourists to Times Square, New York City


  • Loud (always a performance in progress)
  • Not renown for its food, according to Yelp reviews
  • $3 surcharge for the entertainment
  • Bad for locals due to the tourists

So, like I said, I’d stop by if I found myself in NYC again in the future (but only after I dropped by Ninja New York). If not, I’d be okay. Honestly, I’d rather save my money for Orlando, i.e. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, i.e. for the butterbeer and the firewhiskey and the chocolate frogs AND ALL MY CHILDHOOD HOPES AND DREAMS COME ALIVE.

Huh, guess I know what I’ll be covering next.


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