DIY for the Nerd

If you know what this means:

Rnd 24: sc 4, 2 in next (inc), repeat 6 times (30)
Rnd 25 – 30: sc 1 in each (30)
Rnd 31: sc 23, ch 2, skip 7 (23, 2 chs)
Rnd 32: sc 1 in each including chs (25)
Rnd 33 – 34: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 35: sc 11, 6, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 36: sc 9, 8, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 37: sc 10, 9, sc 6 (25)
Rnd 38: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 39: sc 4, 29 in back stitches (33)

Then congratulations, you know how to crochet! (And I bow to you. All the times I tried to learn, I kept making a circle instead of a square.) So what is it you’re making with those instructions up there? Why, what else? Iron Man gloves!

I know. I know. Change the circle into an oval with tongue and it’d look like Deidara’s mouth-hand (Naruto). Or keep it eye-shaped, add long nails, and go as the Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth).

These creations come from Louie Mesinger, as he outlines on his website, Louie’s Loops. The full crocheting directions can be downloaded for free at the bottom of that page as a PDF. He has a plethora of other patterns, as well, both free and for sale. And guess what? There are ones for a sonic screwdriver! And Pokeballs!



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