BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

German college student Abyssinier (Aby) has been a female cosplayer and propmaker since 2004, and I first saw her as a rather convincing (though obviously more effeminate) King Thranduil, from The Hobbit.

See? Thranduil’s snooty attitude to a tee. Photo credit: Lilif Ilane Artwork

She also made costumes for Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Loki (Thor), Ymir (Attack on Titan), and many others. See her gallery either on Deviantart or Facebook. I’d recommend the latter, however, since it features more recent work, including tutorials, thermoplastic casting, molds, and her articles for German cosplay magazine Cohaku (English editions in the works!)

I admire Aby for her detailed work, as well as for being a female cosplaying male characters. I don’t consider her truly androgynous at all, and yet she pulls off the looks exquisitely well—with lots of makeup and some wicked armor, if necessary.

Ronan the Accuser - The Guardians of the Galaxy - Marvel Movies - Cosplay
Aby as Ronan the Accuser, from Guardians of the Galaxy Photog and SFX by Shashin Kaihi Photography

It helps, of course, if one is tall and lean. *Christine despairs*

(Anyway, that last pic of Ronan is from this year, so she qualifies for this week’s BeCos Cosplay. See ya next time for Merchandise Materials!

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