DIY for the Nerd: The Iron Shoe

I mean, if the shoe fits, you know. . .

. . .give it to Goodwill (if you value the position of your head atop your shoulders in any way).

I switched out one of my planned spotlights since the next season of GoT has begun. Hopefully, no one’s too tired of my many shoes/heels post. (I rarely wear them, truly, but I can’t deny they’re nice to ogle. Must be some genetic trait I can’t shake.)Nikki Rose certainly has a knack for custom shoes, from the eye-catching, to the disturbing. Check out her zombie footwear, if you want examples. There’s even a pair in honor of Freddy Krueger.

This pair looks to be one of her simpler designs. The swords are those plastic cocktail skewers often used for olives or fruit. Attach them (aesthetically) to the stiletto with hot glue, spray paint silver, and wha-la! (Blood, optional.)

Don’t have the time because you’re busy plotting against the Kingdoms? Here’s Nikki’s Etsy page for purchasing. Beware, she may be a rather busy gal. I hear Sky Atlantics “Thronecast” loves her work and gave a pair of these to Gwendoline Christie for use on the red carpet.

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