Merchandise Materials: Gaming in the Bath

3 x Mini Computer Controller Soaps - Playstation, NES, Sega - Mini Controller Soaps

Thanks to NerdySoap, we can now game in the bathtub without fear of electrocution or irreparable water damage to our devices. All one needs is a vivid imagination. And possibly skin that doesn’t wrinkle. And a heated bathtub.

My point is . . . is that these are pretty cool, ok? Handmade and customizable for colour and scent (yes, NerdySoap is from the UK). Plus, there’s plenty of other designs, including game cartridges, Lego people, and a Death Star.

Lego minifigure type Soap x 20 - LegoN64 Golden Zelda Cart Soap: Retro and geeky! Handmade cartridge soap

Enjoy bubbling up next time!


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