DIY for the Nerd: Doorway to Moria

Never have I been so tempted to try my hand at carpentry than when I viewed this project by Redditor Eclipse_007: The Hidden Mines of Moria Door, from Lord of the Rings. (Click for DIY instructions!)

It looks like a blank wall until someone touches it. Then it lights up a fluorescent blue and swings open to reveal a basement movie room. My dearest brother Brian, I hear your basement is still unfinished . . . soooo, what do you think?

Yes, yes, I am aware this was on Reddit a good three weeks ago, but hey, I have a pattern to which I must adhere. Plus, for those who haven’t seen it? Ta-da!!! IS THIS NOT FREAKING FANTASTIC?

I believe the builder intends to install voice activation as well. Hopefully his guests recall their Sindarin, else the Watcher in the Water will burst from the opposite doorway and devour them. Nice hospitality, that. 🙂

Oh, and here is the door in action:

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