DIY for the Nerd: Rocking 74-Z Speeder Bike

Australian DIY-er Tez_Gelmir was kind enough to share with the world a little project he did for his daughter: a child-sized speeder bike from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 

Yes, I mean the ones that a handful of Storm Troopers crash into Endor(ian?) trees, dying in a blaze of Imperial glory. No, this model doesn’t really fly; it rocks. Yes, it boasts a few electronic lights and sounds. No, it doesn’t come with an Ewok. Yes, I wish it were adult-sized, too.

Picture of Rocking Speeder Bike

Full instructions for this sci-fi bike, including materials, a video, and a PDF download are available at, a funky website for those DIY-inclined (and wanna-be’s like me). I doubt I have the tools to pull this one off, but one can dream.

Oh, and for anyone narrowing their eyes at those front pointy edges in trepidation (toddlersrunningeyesbloodohtheblood), perhaps just use felt? It’d be a simple alteration. Else, just round out the cuts.


Adorable kid is adorable.

Isn’t she so cute? In fact, I’d say this post sorta counts as DIY and cosplay, right? Well, I figured I’d try. Plus, I loved her little outfit so much, I found the knit pattern for her hat. Here you go.

Princess Leia Hat, Adult, Costume, Halloween, Crochet As well as a range of Etsy crafters here who can knit it for you.

As for the robe, just lay the kid down on white fabric (hers looks like fleece in the picture above) and trace around the arms and legs. Leave ample room for movement and hemming. Double up that outline and sew together. Place on baby and admire. (Warning: Beware of vomit and food stains. Do not ride speeder bikes after a meal.)

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