“The Expanse” Opening Credits Sequence


What did you think?? Note the awesome music by Clinton Shorter. It’s got an almost “fairy tale” feel to it, eh? Don’t forget to check out the other goodies on Syfy’s website, including the full NY Comic Con panel!

And if all that weren’t enough, there’s a special Expanse screening on December 3rd, in Santa Fe, at the Jean Cocteau Theater, where Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck will be available to sign books (and body parts?!). George R. R. Martin will be there too! More info at their official blog here.

ONE. MORE. THING. It was recently announced that there will be a DIGITAL release for The Expanse, a few weeks ahead of the television premiere date. On NOVEMBER 23RD, “Dulcinea” (Episode 1) will be available to stream in the United States, on syfy.com, among other websites. That is TEN days away. Tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

2 thoughts on ““The Expanse” Opening Credits Sequence”

    This is excellent. However, I am unsure whether I agree with “fairy tale” feel, mostly because I don’t think the stories strike me that way. The music in the opening sequence, sure, but the story??
    Also…Santa Fe is not that far away….


    1. Mankind colonizing space only to find they’re probably way over their head and getting butt kicked by aliens/each other? Like a cautionary fable–don’t do this or you’ll get in trouble! Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Just replace aliens with the big bad wolf, space with the forbidden/enchanted forest, and all you have to do is give humanity one big collective red cape and hood (Mars, perhaps!?) and you got yourself a classic fairy tale 🙂 Christine my heart is thumping tooooooo


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