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This Is About a Game Called “Undertale.”

Here I am. Back from the land of the dead. How long has it been since I wrote something here? A year? Probably more. I ask myself why I am here. I don’t really know. I mean I DO know, but I uhh . . .


I will talk shortly about a game. A game I’ve just recently finished. There are no plot or story spoilers here but there are some out-of-context images that are visual spoilers; it would hurt me physically to spoil this game. Nope, and no tips or tricks on how to play it either. I’m not even reviewing it or rating it this is a review, Tyler, you idiot.


It is–without a doubt–the best game I’ve ever played.

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“Killjoys”: Filling the Void in Science Fiction Television

The science fiction genre has its own, weird little niche in the television world. Despite the increasing mainstream success of Game of Thrones, which, let us be clear, falls under the purview of “fantasy,” shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica remain stimuli for scoffs and sneers by losers with no taste average persons. “It’s cheesy!” they’ll say, or “It just doesn’t make any sense,” they’ll say, decrying a particular show’s sorry special effects or stilted acting. These are understandable reasons for avoiding science fiction TV. But stay with me here. I think I might start actually saying something.

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“The Expanse” Trailer Breakdown

Okay, so despite running for only 1 minute and 37 seconds, there are a TON of things going on in Syfy’s first trailer for what they’re calling their “most ambitious project” to date: a 10-episode TV adaptation of James S. A. Corey’s The Expanse. Let’s look a little closer, shall we? (Oh, and, I’ll try to keep the spoilers light).

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Putting Faces to Our Nightmares

You may not know their names by heart but you know their performances. They give life to those fantastical characters essential to their genres. They both haunt you and charm you, for you cannot but watch them work, even if their visage makes you quail (or squeal because they’re adorable! I mean, right??).

Here are a handful of my favorite creature actors, and the roles they’ve embodied. Cheers to them all and their dedicated hours in makeup, prosthetics, and CGI execution.  Continue reading Putting Faces to Our Nightmares

Warcraft III: Blizzard Lore, Days of Yore

Thursday has come ’round once again, so let’s hop into the TARDIS and travel to the halcyon days of seventh grade, where voices still cracked and recess was God. It was a time of peace, and a time of ball tag; a time of delicious cafeteria lunches, and a time when Warcraft lore made sense. Yes, you heard me: before Chris Metzen was paid to fuck up an entire fictional universe lost his mojo, the world of Warcraft was as grand and complex as even Middle-earth.

Blizzard’s 2003 strategy game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne has a special place in my video game heart. Before playing this, I didn’t even know “interactive media” could even tell a story. But that’s what hooked me–the narrative was a sprawling adventure across a fantasy world that felt both familiar and new (I was 11 when I played it, so everything was new). Its central characters (excepting the humans) were thousands-of-years-old immortals with personalities that just oozed a vast eminence that hinted at a rich and complex history.

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