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The Game Awards 2016! “Super Metalborne 3: The Wild Fallout”


Tonight, the Game Awards 2015 will take place, this time in Los Angeles, at the Microsoft Theater. It’s been a mixed bag for video games this year (at least for me). Sort of like a bag of Chex Mix that you pick around in, eating only the super salty Chex pieces, and ignoring the gross  brown circle thingies that you just know have some sinister intent  that you can’t quite place.

For those too lazy to go to their official website: the Game Awards 2015 begins at 6 PM Pacific, and you can watch it on the usual channels (Twitch, Youtube, etc.)! Continue reading The Game Awards 2016! “Super Metalborne 3: The Wild Fallout”

Happy MMXV, & Enjoy “Awesome Games Done Quick 2015”!

Whoa, this is the first post of 2015? I hope everyone fails their New Year’s resolutions, and the entirety of the next 365 days turns out to be a dirty, bitter disappointment. That said, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

To kick off MMXV, Awesome Games Done Quick (or, AGDQ) is returning for a week of hyper, glitch-filled video gaming. Tune in to watch your favorite games run at sonic speed by experts/devotees of the games, and learn about the tips/tricks that only true love could have discovered. And, as usual, donate if you can, because the proceeds go to a great cause: the Prevent Cancer Foundation. At the time of my writing this, they’ve already raised $91,479!

Check out the schedule here (Mega Man X3! Kirby Super Star!), and tune in on Twitch to watch this year’s AGDQ action.

In That Darkened Seat: Attending The 2014 Game Awards

For a recap of winners and world premieres shown, please see the updated list by ASV’s Editor-in-Chief Philip and this StoryStream over at Polygon, respectively, which tracked it by the minute. Also, apparently you can just watch the full show, too. Win-win-win.

Meanwhile, I’ll be commenting about seeing it in person below.

Yesterday, while most watched from the comfort of their homes, my husband and I ventured to The Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood to attend the 2014 Game Awards. Yea!!! First time ever, and the moment I saw the stage, my heart did a little dance. (The blue glow was just so purrrty!)

Like I said, pretty cobalt blue is now my favorite.

Okay, so it might have been more impressive on the screen, given our own far-off, shadowed seats, but I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The combined, floor-to-ceiling screens created an inspiring 3-D effect I’m unsure those at home could see. Nevertheless, to whomever rendered those moving backgrounds, kudos! We had some mic sound problems in-theater (was that apparent online?) whenever Keighley was conducting interviews, but the Axis definitely fulfilled its design for all the musical performances. Bone-reverberating bass, we love you. Oh, yes, and the lights. I’d like to run lights. Or be a cameramen duo. Those guys get a workout; no joke. (And to that one crewman who leaped over the speaker onstage, nice one!) Continue reading In That Darkened Seat: Attending The 2014 Game Awards

The Game Awards 2014: Complete Winners List

As ASV Film Editor Christine Pham continues to breathe the same air as Marty O’Donnell, I’m watching it live from the stale, celebrity-less oxygen of my room. Join me by heading to Twitch right now, but if you can’t, keep checking back here as the winners are named! (and where my predictions are wrong!)

Continue reading The Game Awards 2014: Complete Winners List

Nominations for “the Game Awards 2014”

Ten days ago, we expressed our excitement for the upcoming and inaugural “Game Awards” to take place on December 5th at the Axis Theater in Las Vegas (DIE, CHRISTINE). Today the nominations for all 21 categories were announced, some of which I have very strong, very visceral feelings about. And, since I know you’re all just dying to know my opinion on everything (/s) I’ll share it here.

Disclaimer: I have not played every game in this list nor am I an expert analyst of interactive media. I just get excited 🙂

Continue reading Nominations for “the Game Awards 2014”

From Gregorian Chant to Electric Guitar: Behind the Scenes of Halo 2

Halo: The Master Chief Collection drops in just one week (Nov. 11) and if the cinematic trailer wasn’t enough of a hype-generator, then these documentaries (both nostalgic and new) are for you! The first video is the shorter of the two, and takes a look at the voice-acting in the second Halo game. The latter video focuses on the anniversary edition of Halo 2.

Enjoy! T_T <–tears of #feels

Continue reading From Gregorian Chant to Electric Guitar: Behind the Scenes of Halo 2

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Season Pass

It was a dark and stormy night.

As soon as midnight struck, I’d finally have the game I’d been eagerly anticipating for well over a year. I was excited and ready for a whole new experience. But something didn’t feel right. Something felt wrong.

My inner voice begged me to walk away, but I had to know. I bought the game, drove home, and, with great trepidation, opened the box.

No! It couldn’t be! I dropped the box in horror. Clipped to the inside of the box was a flyer that read “Buy the Season Pass!”

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Destiny Star Online? How Vexing!

Probably no one will appreciate this besides Brian, but check out this nifty graphic that Redditor KyotorIndustries came up with, pointing out the similarities between Bungie’s Destiny and Sonic Team’s Phantasy Star Online (one of the GOATs, in my opinion).

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