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“Time Machine” and Sexy Men

“Time Machine” by Ingrid Michaelson

Video by SoulPancake Productions with some appearances from some seriously sexy men: Rainn Wilson, Matt Jones, Jorge Garcia, Rob Delaney, Steve Agee, Brian Baumgartner, Dave Koechner, Garrett Dillahunt, and Donald Faison.

Glad to hear one of her songs again.

Never Once Skipped: My Top 10 Anime Openings

Anime openings can sometimes get repetitive. Sure, they’re mostly all great, catchy tunes, but after the fifteenth time (particularly during a binge-watching session), all you really want is for the show to start. But there are some anime openings that grab you by the shoulders and refuse to let you go. Those are the openings that stick with you, the ones that are never once skipped. So, with that in mind, here are my ten favorite anime openings of all time:

(Note: I did not consider the Pokémon opening, cuz–let’s be real–that’s everyone‘s favorite)

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Don’t Stop Beepin’!

Tyler’s article about BeepBox garnered a tweet from its creator, John Nesky, who, by the way, is “Feel Engineer” at thatgamecompany, and worked on Journey (the game, not the band). Way to go, Tyler–don’t stop beepin’! (hold on to that feelin’)

I’ll Take A Chiptune, And Share It!

Ever wanted to become a super-successful, incredibly rich, music superstar? Yeah, I can’t help you there . . . BUT, what I can do is show you a way that you can make your own little 8-bit rhapsodies and share them with your friends and family! I give you BeepBox! It’s a flash-based music tool developed by John Nesky, and it’s an incredibly fun way to get into digital music making.

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