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Christine talkin’ ’bout bling, ya’ll. Nerd bling.

Merchandise Materials: Let’s Talk Swords


I imagined multiple ways of announcing my return to ASV after the summer hiatus, but found no excuse worthy of extrapolation. Perhaps you’d like to hear about how typing coherently is nigh impossible with a three-year-old yelping about dinosaurs in your ear, but I doubt it. Maybe you’d accept my apologies for writer’s block or for a slothful muse who hitchhiked to Buenos Aires instead of staying ever faithful by my side.

No? That’s all right. Because the truth is . . . well, you see, I . . . okay, so I made that promise about finishing Alphabet Cinema by April, right? Well, actually it was an Unbreakable Vow, so consequently I lost my magic and thus spent months in the desert seeking a shaman to grant me a deal with four foul demons in order to reinstate my powers. The fact that I’m back here now, submitting a horribly belated Tuesday Threads post can only lead you to one conclusion. Obviously.

So let’s talk swords.

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DIY for the Nerd: Doorway to Moria

Never have I been so tempted to try my hand at carpentry than when I viewed this project by Redditor Eclipse_007: The Hidden Mines of Moria Door, from Lord of the Rings. (Click for DIY instructions!)

It looks like a blank wall until someone touches it. Then it lights up a fluorescent blue and swings open to reveal a basement movie room. My dearest brother Brian, I hear your basement is still unfinished . . . soooo, what do you think?

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Merchandise Materials: Gaming in the Bath

3 x Mini Computer Controller Soaps - Playstation, NES, Sega - Mini Controller Soaps

Thanks to NerdySoap, we can now game in the bathtub without fear of electrocution or irreparable water damage to our devices. All one needs is a vivid imagination. And possibly skin that doesn’t wrinkle. And a heated bathtub.

My point is . . . is that these are pretty cool, ok? Handmade and customizable for colour and scent (yes, NerdySoap is from the UK). Plus, there’s plenty of other designs, including game cartridges, Lego people, and a Death Star.

Lego minifigure type Soap x 20 - LegoN64 Golden Zelda Cart Soap: Retro and geeky! Handmade cartridge soap

Enjoy bubbling up next time!

BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity

Occasionally, I run across a picture I believe to be Photoshop’d. There’s a double-take that occurs with a sound like a whip-snap (or a neck-crack) and suddenly my eyes are wide, my jaw dropped, and something quite like disgustenvyawe boils in my chest. (You know the feeling.)

Baymax: It is okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.

Philippine-born-and-bred Jin (a.k.a. behindinfinity) has always done this to me, ever since I first discovered his Bleach cosplays on Deviantart. He’s been bedazzling folks on there for the past nine years, and has covered a truly impressive range of fandoms with spectacular skill. It’s no wonder he gets invited to cons for panels and the like. He and his friends’ dedication to cosplay and photography make me smile so much.  Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity

DIY for the Nerd: The Iron Shoe

I mean, if the shoe fits, you know. . .

. . .give it to Goodwill (if you value the position of your head atop your shoulders in any way).

I switched out one of my planned spotlights since the next season of GoT has begun. Hopefully, no one’s too tired of my many shoes/heels post. (I rarely wear them, truly, but I can’t deny they’re nice to ogle. Must be some genetic trait I can’t shake.) Continue reading DIY for the Nerd: The Iron Shoe

Merchandise Materials: Multipass

Leeloo: Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: Yeah.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: Yeah, multipass, she knows it’s a multipass. Leeloo Dallas. This is my wife.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: We’re newlyweds. Just met. You know how it is. We bumped into each other, sparks happen…
Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: Yes, she knows it’s a multipass. Anyway, we’re in love.

Slide in your ID, and bam, you’re off to The Fifth Element.

These are embellished versions of the Multipass Universal Card Holder for sale on For $15.00, plus a short trip to the arts and crafts, I’m definitely not against it. However, if a 3-D printer suddenly appears in the wild (and I catch it with my Master Ball), I may not need this design by Monster_Caesar_Studios. Hmmm.

BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

German college student Abyssinier (Aby) has been a female cosplayer and propmaker since 2004, and I first saw her as a rather convincing (though obviously more effeminate) King Thranduil, from The Hobbit.

See? Thranduil’s snooty attitude to a tee. Photo credit: Lilif Ilane Artwork

She also made costumes for Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Loki (Thor), Ymir (Attack on Titan), and many others. See her gallery either on Deviantart or Facebook. I’d recommend the latter, however, since it features more recent work, including tutorials, thermoplastic casting, molds, and her articles for German cosplay magazine Cohaku (English editions in the works!) Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

DIY for the Nerd

If you know what this means:

Rnd 24: sc 4, 2 in next (inc), repeat 6 times (30)
Rnd 25 – 30: sc 1 in each (30)
Rnd 31: sc 23, ch 2, skip 7 (23, 2 chs)
Rnd 32: sc 1 in each including chs (25)
Rnd 33 – 34: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 35: sc 11, 6, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 36: sc 9, 8, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 37: sc 10, 9, sc 6 (25)
Rnd 38: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 39: sc 4, 29 in back stitches (33)

Then congratulations, you know how to crochet! (And I bow to you. All the times I tried to learn, I kept making a circle instead of a square.) So what is it you’re making with those instructions up there? Why, what else? Iron Man gloves!

I know. I know. Change the circle into an oval with tongue and it’d look like Deidara’s mouth-hand (Naruto). Or keep it eye-shaped, add long nails, and go as the Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth).

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Merchandise Materials

Got $220.00 to spend? Want the hottest heels around? Here ya go, courtesy of Hourglass Footwear.

It’d be awesome if you kick a mugger with these. Wa-BAM. Burned!

Yes, I know I kinda piggy-backed off of my last DIY for the Nerd with all those painted shoes. I discovered these at the same time I found the others, and I dunno if these quality as nerdy, but . . . yep, no excuse.

BeCos Cosplay

Today, I am stoked to present to you ASV-ers the best Misty (from Pokemon–do I even have to cite this?) cosplay I have ever seen.

Do words fail you? (Photo by Charmaine Morgan Photography)

Meet Zeek, an Australian cosplayer with some serious physique. Self-described as “Lifter of People and Objects,” Zeek brings to life a side of Misty that usually only presents as that one angry bulging vein on her temple. He does it so well, in fact, that Deerstalker Pictures, a Sydney-based film company, recruited him for a little skit they made. Continue reading BeCos Cosplay