Meet the Team

Tyler Bauer, ASV Staff Writer

is right behind you, right now. Don't worry he doesn't bite, unless you're into that. After having excellent hair was outlawed in Wichita, he moved up to Kansas City to go to college or something. He's most likely dead by this point, but he hasn't given up listening to sweet soundtracks found in popular games and movies. Being fabulous isn't all fun and games though, and he makes sure to express himself, poorly. His voice has both the properties of water and whatever circus peanuts are made of, while his drawing hand can sketch out a circle, but he'll have to draw a head first. Making eye contact is not advised as it is viewed as a mating challenge. You have been warned.

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Brian Pham, ASV Game Editor

is an aerospace engineer who does not like working as an aerospace engineer. Consequently, he has returned to school, firstly, to continue being a rock star and, secondarily, to study computer science, and make games better than Journey. He admits he may not qualify for true "nerdiness," as he relies on others to keep him apprised of new nerd media. He doesn't read much either (what a loser). He makes up for it, however, by being proficient with math and programming. He's no expert, but can (and will) use Microsoft Excel to blow your MIND (and make trained programmers cringe). His life was changed at an outdoor wave pool (interpret that as you will) and lives with his cat, Andolophilus Andujar "Andy" Pham.

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is an RN-slash-superhero. She reads and watches more movies than is necessary. More recently, the films have gravitated toward the more juvenile, which is totally not her fault (so she says). The level of her son's hyperactivity is directly proportional to how many times they've watched "Octonauts." (Does she mind anymore? Probably not.) It helps that she's always been a nerd. Fantasy, sci-fi, action, adventure--fandoms have come and gone, but she loves them still. Thus, here she is (with WAY too much pop culture to catch up on). Sighs. All the time.

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is a money-monger that would put Trina McTeague to shame. Born with The Sight, Jeremiah has since let his supernatural talent go to waste by failing to nurture it. He is deathly afraid of Ouija boards. He has also been haunted for most of his life by a ghostly ball of static, after a fateful encounter with the Evil Wizard From Beyond the Fence. Jeremiah, an avid lover of space, enjoys books with big print and frequent pictures. His favorite TV shows are Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones. Michael Bay is inexplicably and unequivocally his besty.

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Alexander Unrein, ASV Staff Writer

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Philip Pham, ASV General Editor

is a 5th-year college undergraduate. Naturally, he doesn't know who he wants to be. Fortunately, he's not that deep a person, and can get away with a lack of identity. His favorite book series is "The Expanse," written by James S. A. Corey, and he is not afraid to shove his love for it down everyone's throats. Philip is also a known freeloader, and cannot be expected to update anything regularly, or even make promises to do so. That said, he promises to update ASV regularly. He also acronymizes his own blog's name, uses words that aren't words, and is referring to himself in third person. What a douche. He can be reached at, or tweet @professor_pip.

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