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The Game Awards 2016! “Super Metalborne 3: The Wild Fallout”


Tonight, the Game Awards 2015 will take place, this time in Los Angeles, at the Microsoft Theater. It’s been a mixed bag for video games this year (at least for me). Sort of like a bag of Chex Mix that you pick around in, eating only the super salty Chex pieces, and ignoring the gross  brown circle thingies that you just know have some sinister intent  that you can’t quite place.

For those too lazy to go to their official website: the Game Awards 2015 begins at 6 PM Pacific, and you can watch it on the usual channels (Twitch, Youtube, etc.)! Continue reading The Game Awards 2016! “Super Metalborne 3: The Wild Fallout”

BeCos Cosplay: u/tristamgreen

(Phone not included in cosplay.)

Recognize this villain? Think little clock hands on the glasses and a penchant for criminal revenge when people are late. It’s Temple Fugate a.k.a. Clock King from Batman: The Animated Series! (Not to be confused with the comic book Clock King William Tockman.)

“Time is of the essence.”

Even though tristamgreen’s suit is black instead of brown, I give him three cheers for the emulation. For some reason I remember this character rather clearly. Maybe the voice (by Alan Rachins)? (I hear voices when nostalgia kicks in. Anyone else?) Here’s the DC Wiki page about Fugate if your memory needs jogging. Oh, and those wicked glasses are right here on Amazon! Wish he had the guy’s clock-hand sword as well. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to make.

Mayor Hill’s about to be bisected by giant clock hands. At least, that’s how I understood it as a child.

I have good memories of Saturday morning cartoons with The Animated Series. Suffice it to say, you may be seeing more cosplays from this series when I find them.