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BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity

Occasionally, I run across a picture I believe to be Photoshop’d. There’s a double-take that occurs with a sound like a whip-snap (or a neck-crack) and suddenly my eyes are wide, my jaw dropped, and something quite like disgustenvyawe boils in my chest. (You know the feeling.)

Baymax: It is okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.

Philippine-born-and-bred Jin (a.k.a. behindinfinity) has always done this to me, ever since I first discovered his Bleach cosplays on Deviantart. He’s been bedazzling folks on there for the past nine years, and has covered a truly impressive range of fandoms with spectacular skill. It’s no wonder he gets invited to cons for panels and the like. He and his friends’ dedication to cosplay and photography make me smile so much.  Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity

BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

German college student Abyssinier (Aby) has been a female cosplayer and propmaker since 2004, and I first saw her as a rather convincing (though obviously more effeminate) King Thranduil, from The Hobbit.

See? Thranduil’s snooty attitude to a tee. Photo credit: Lilif Ilane Artwork

She also made costumes for Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Loki (Thor), Ymir (Attack on Titan), and many others. See her gallery either on Deviantart or Facebook. I’d recommend the latter, however, since it features more recent work, including tutorials, thermoplastic casting, molds, and her articles for German cosplay magazine Cohaku (English editions in the works!) Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: Abyssinier

BeCos Cosplay

Today, I am stoked to present to you ASV-ers the best Misty (from Pokemon–do I even have to cite this?) cosplay I have ever seen.

Do words fail you? (Photo by Charmaine Morgan Photography)

Meet Zeek, an Australian cosplayer with some serious physique. Self-described as “Lifter of People and Objects,” Zeek brings to life a side of Misty that usually only presents as that one angry bulging vein on her temple. He does it so well, in fact, that Deerstalker Pictures, a Sydney-based film company, recruited him for a little skit they made. Continue reading BeCos Cosplay

BeCos Cosplay: Kelan Ord

Cosplay, props, artwork.

Kelan Ord (real name Guillaume Fortin) is a male cosplayer and props extraordinaire from Quebec, Canada who also happens to do fantastic graphic design. Oh, and he collects lightsabers (yea, real ones, yep–in all honesty, they might as well be real; they look so cool).

Mando by Kelan Ord; Photo by Richard Dufault

Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: Kelan Ord

BeCos Cosplay

I’m actually writing this post with a house full of the infirm, myself included. Don’t ask for details; they are not pretty. However, I’m hoping that by day’s end, life will be much more kind.

This week’s Tuesday Threads features a cosplayer by the name of Stella Chuu from California. She makes all her costumes, props, weapons, etc. (Can we say wow?) and has appeared at a couple cosplay conventions. Check her out on her Facebook page or her dedicated Chubear Cosplay page. I believe her Lich Queen Elsa also won a cosplay award. Impressive, no? However, that was back in November.

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