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BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity

Occasionally, I run across a picture I believe to be Photoshop’d. There’s a double-take that occurs with a sound like a whip-snap (or a neck-crack) and suddenly my eyes are wide, my jaw dropped, and something quite like disgustenvyawe boils in my chest. (You know the feeling.)

Baymax: It is okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain.

Philippine-born-and-bred Jin (a.k.a. behindinfinity) has always done this to me, ever since I first discovered his Bleach cosplays on Deviantart. He’s been bedazzling folks on there for the past nine years, and has covered a truly impressive range of fandoms with spectacular skill. It’s no wonder he gets invited to cons for panels and the like. He and his friends’ dedication to cosplay and photography make me smile so much.  Continue reading BeCos Cosplay: behindinfinity


Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”

This Thanksgiving season, Walt Disney Animation Studios presents us a solid family movie about a pre-teen prodigy and his best friend, an inflatable (and hilarious) healthcare robot named Baymax. Together, they and four friends endeavor to stop a new threat to San Fransokyo (yea, you read that correctly). How? By becoming superheroes.

Big Hero 6 (2014) offers breath-taking animation—crisp, clean, incredibly convincing textures—and an . . . average plotline, I’d say. Although a bit heavier on the choice of life lessons than I expected, the movies makes for a great opportunity to speak with kids (hey, and other adults as well, if you like; not judging here) about family, loss, and how one deals with it. Determining underlying themes and motifs are for adults though. Young children, I’m sure, will love this movie simply for the superheros. Whoo! Continue reading Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”