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The Comic Book That Started It All (For Me)

Despite my seething desire to one day walk those hallowed halls of Comic-Con, I have to confess that I’ve never actually read a comic book. At least, not one that I can remember, not one that made any kind of impact on me. Sure, growing up, I’d read the “funnies”–comic strips like FoxTrot, or Garfield–but nothing concerning radioactive spiders or international leagues of justice. That particular action-hero material was what appeared on television, in the form of shows like Batman: The Animated Series, or X-Men: Evolution.

It just never occurred to my younger self to pick up a comic book, when a moving, animated, and voiced version was just a remote control button away. Until now. Continue reading The Comic Book That Started It All (For Me)


ASV Goes to Comic-Con!

You have NO idea how much it hurt to write that headline. In truth, we’re not going to Comic-Con. But, honest to Kobol, we will be in San Diego this weekend, doing various activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and possibly kidnapping a certain composer with an Italian surname. Just kidding. But not really.

More to the point, the Villains team, will be out and about between Tuesday, the 22nd and Sunday the 27th. Therefore, expect posts to be few and far between during those six days. We will have access to the internet, of course, but are unsure how much down time we will have to write next week. We will do our best to share our favorite Comic-Con 2014 announcements (expect the “Asides” section to blow up!), but understand how much we’d rather forget we were so close to getting tickets.

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