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Digimon the Movie: The Egg Is Hatching!

So between playing Destiny/Theatrhythm/League of Legends, watching League of Legends, and actually going to my classes, I completely forgot that it was Thursday. So. Uh. EMERGENCY THROWBACK COMMENCE:

It begins with an egg . . .

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Do the Monster Mash: My Top 10 Monster Movers

Some mornings I wake up, and resolve myself to treat (or trick) the day as if it were the greatest day of all: Halloween. And I don’t know whether it’s because of today’s dreary, overcast sky above Wichita, or Film Editor Christine’s recent article, “Putting Faces to our Nightmares,” but today is one of those days. Thus have I been inspired to compile a list of my top ten favorite monster movies. Let’s set the mood, shall we?

Here’s that all-time classic tune we all know and love, by Bobby “Boris” Pickett:

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Netflix Updates to Pokemon and Digimon

Looks like Netflix finally came to its senses and added more episodes of Pokemon: Indigo League, and Digimon: Digital Monsters. I’m positively electrified (ha!) by the news. That’s right, you can now relive your childhood by wasting away countless hours watching two of the best shows ever made of the best shows ever made (not a mistake). Nostalgia, you are one sexy beast.