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Throwback Thursday: Earliest PC Games from Childhood

Also known as the games I played as a kid that endeared me forevermore to the puzzle genre. Sure, later, there came Nintendo and PlayStation, and with them the RPGs that dominated my life (I’m looking at you, Ocarina of Time, and FFIX). However, once upon a time, we only had one little computer in my home.

My father would play Solitaire (still does, in fact, though now there’s also Free Cell), but my brothers and I, we’d tackle the simple pixels of Rodents Revenge and Chip’s Challenge

Trap the cats. Eat (i.e. crush) the cheese. Don’t die more than three times.

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Alphabet Cinema: “F” is for “Fantasia/2000”

Yes, I’m falling behind a bit. My goal was to be halfway through the alphabet by now, but apparently writing while my toddler remains conscious simply won’t appease the little monkey/kitty/whatever animal the Chinese zodiac professes him to be.

So, in light of that, I’m going to review Netflix’s Fireplace For Your Home (2011) instead. It was a very nice alternative to actually blowing a hole in my southwestern home, erecting a brick chimney, and burning various chunks of dead tree. Also, if I donned headphones and stared at the screen, the crackling flames incited some nice ASMR. All I missed was the ashy aroma. Dang.

No, really. I’m not reviewing Netflix’s prank turned popular streaming video. I mean, I could, but I’d probably descend into some kind of philosophical musing and/or hypnotic state full of nonsensical drabble. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

But then, who has time for an hour and fifteen minutes of Fantasia/2000 (1999)? People who stay home with young children, like me, of course (read: people who would watch anything for a break from Thomas the Freaking Tank Engine). Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “F” is for “Fantasia/2000”

Alphabet Cinema: “E” is for “Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)”

The first time I watched the 1995 version of this movie on the Disney Channel, I completely loved it. It’s a little kid’s dream, after all. Finding out you have telekinesis and telepathy, then discovering that your long-lost twin has them, too! Oh, but wait, then a rich old man wants to adopt you both in order to use your powers for his own nefarious purposes (like, gambling, people; keep it rated G).

He gives you a mansion and all sorts of toys and ice cream to keep you happy, but your twin gets bad vibes so you escape on a horse, with whom you can communicate mentally. So ensues a chase ‘cross the countryside, the man’s butler hot on your heels.

All the while, you strive to reach Witch Mountain. You don’t really know why, but just maybe, getting there will explain how you got these extraterrestrial powers and who knows? Perhaps finally, you’ll be home.  Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “E” is for “Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)”

Merchandise Materials

I saw this Deluxe Starlord costume at the Disney Store for the first time last October. After staring contemplatively between it and my 3-yr-old for a good five minutes, I sighed heavily and just took a picture. For those parents/aunts/uncles/godparents/older siblings/Jedi Masters who have a young child/nephew/niece/brother/sister/Padawan who will consent to wearing a long jacket and mask, consider yourself lucky. And then buy them this costume. Looks so cool! And adorable. Squeee! 

Twenty dollars for ultimate Guardian coolness.

Now I just need a 3-D printer for the gun. Who’s got one?? (A 3-D printer, not a gun. Not for a toddler, that is.)

Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”

This Thanksgiving season, Walt Disney Animation Studios presents us a solid family movie about a pre-teen prodigy and his best friend, an inflatable (and hilarious) healthcare robot named Baymax. Together, they and four friends endeavor to stop a new threat to San Fransokyo (yea, you read that correctly). How? By becoming superheroes.

Big Hero 6 (2014) offers breath-taking animation—crisp, clean, incredibly convincing textures—and an . . . average plotline, I’d say. Although a bit heavier on the choice of life lessons than I expected, the movies makes for a great opportunity to speak with kids (hey, and other adults as well, if you like; not judging here) about family, loss, and how one deals with it. Determining underlying themes and motifs are for adults though. Young children, I’m sure, will love this movie simply for the superheros. Whoo! Continue reading Big Hero 6 Review: “Hairy baby!”

Double Feature! Reviews for Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” and “Planes”

We have a running joke in my family about Double Features. It stems from my dad and his buying my mom two pairs of tennis shoes for Christmas one year. He found it hilarious for some reason and I recall my mom whacking him with one of those shoes. (It’s one of those you-had-to-be-there situations.) So now we endeavor to buy my dad double features of every gift.

Anyway, that memory has nothing to do with this review.

I haven’t written a movie review in a while now, and for that I apologize, and say only this: the movies and TV shows I HAVE been watching cater to innocent young minds with short attention spans.

Sound like you? Okay, great!

Let’s focus on Disney/Pixar’s Cars (2006) and Disney’s Planes (2013). Seven years and Cars 2 lie between them but my three-year-old loves them both just the same. And why not? With talking vehicles of every kind, speedy action sequences, and brightly-colored animation, these two films are a young boy’s dream. (You know, before puberty ruins it all with . . . hormones.)  Continue reading Double Feature! Reviews for Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” and “Planes”

Once Upon a Time . . . Things Went Very, Very Badly

Originally set to premiere this December, the movie adaptation of Into the Woods has been delayed until January 2015. You may have seen its trailer in theaters this summer, in fact, and if you haven’t, here eet ‘tis.

This version of Stephen Sondheim’s (remember Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street–yea, that’s his type of work) musical is set to be rather star-studded (Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, James Corden, geez, shall I go on?). However, from the trailer, director Rob Marshall and screenwriter James Lapine seem to be aiming for a much . . . happier version? I’m not sure what word works here.  Continue reading Once Upon a Time . . . Things Went Very, Very Badly