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DIY for the Nerd: Doorway to Moria

Never have I been so tempted to try my hand at carpentry than when I viewed this project by Redditor Eclipse_007: The Hidden Mines of Moria Door, from Lord of the Rings. (Click for DIY instructions!)

It looks like a blank wall until someone touches it. Then it lights up a fluorescent blue and swings open to reveal a basement movie room. My dearest brother Brian, I hear your basement is still unfinished . . . soooo, what do you think?

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DIY for the Nerd

If you know what this means:

Rnd 24: sc 4, 2 in next (inc), repeat 6 times (30)
Rnd 25 – 30: sc 1 in each (30)
Rnd 31: sc 23, ch 2, skip 7 (23, 2 chs)
Rnd 32: sc 1 in each including chs (25)
Rnd 33 – 34: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 35: sc 11, sl.st 6, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 36: sc 9, sl.st 8, sc 8 (25)
Rnd 37: sc 10, sl.st 9, sc 6 (25)
Rnd 38: sc 1 in each (25)
Rnd 39: sc 4, sl.st 29 in back stitches (33)

Then congratulations, you know how to crochet! (And I bow to you. All the times I tried to learn, I kept making a circle instead of a square.) So what is it you’re making with those instructions up there? Why, what else? Iron Man gloves!

I know. I know. Change the circle into an oval with tongue and it’d look like Deidara’s mouth-hand (Naruto). Or keep it eye-shaped, add long nails, and go as the Pale Man (Pan’s Labyrinth).

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