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D&D Session 1: A Leap of Faith

A few months ago, we gave up decided to put our D&D game on indefinite hiatus. After some time, we decided to try out the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons: the 5th edition.

Our new campaign titled “Steps to Horizon” is now DM’ed by Tyler while I am the one who does all the hard work “Deputy DM”.

Our new adventure began in a forest clearing . . .

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D&D Session 8: Jammed

Note: Please ignore the fact that this session was played about a month ago.

Alycstair examined the pack of supplies near the still-roaring fire. They were waterlogged. Azai examined a sword left carelessly on the ground while Lo-Kag picked up an unused torch.

“Why would someone leave all this here? What happened?” Alycstair wondered aloud. After walking for an hour underground, he had been relieved to see the fire at first. Now, it unnerved him.

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Art Thou Feeling It Now?

What’s the nerdiest thing someone can do? In my opinion, it’s LARP-ing, but just below that is Role-playing Games.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons (4th edition) almost a year ago and found that it can actually be very fun. I enjoyed the huge amounts of number crunching and all the possibilities. Since we used Roll20.net, I also got to exercise my language agnostic programming skills by writing macros.

In our latest campaign, our party wiped and I decided to try my hand at DM-ing. We put that campaign on hold and I’m now in the middle of development for the new campaign.

I should have bought a pre-made campaign.

Putting together all the materials is a very daunting task. Roll20.net is both a great boon and a headache. Using a virtual tabletop allows for a smoother game, but preparing all the macros and images is a lot of work, even with the built in resources. On top of that, I’m attempting to build my own story.

The first session will hopefully be Tuesday night. After each session, I’ll come back here and review what worked, what didn’t, and what was badass.

>>> Session 1: Enter the Godsworn