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Final Fantasy XV Demo: The Sandwich Review

Prime your toasters, ‘cuz it’s time for another ASV Sandwich Review! Your Sandwich Artist today, however, will not be the indefatigable Brian Pham, but rather his younger brother of lesser power (<9000). Today’s menu features the long-awaited demo for the long-awaited FIFTEENTH installment of Final Fantasy. That’s right: developer Square Enix has, over nearly 28 years, made 15 main Final Fantasy titles–only ONE of which can be considered a stinking pile of moogle crap. (Of course, I won’t say which, at the risk of angering fans of the game in question. Let’s just say the number is more than 12 but less than 14.) Now, to the sandwich!

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Music Wednesday(?): Introducing Shimomura Yoko!

Shimomura Yoko is one of the greatest composers alive/ever will live. Hyperbole? PFFFT. She’s created music for Legend of Mana, Kingdom Hearts, and is currently finishing up the soundtracks for both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Here are some of my favorite tunes of hers as an appetizer–I intend to write a “composer spotlight” for her in the very near future!

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New Trailer for Final Fantasy XV

Check out the latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV, which shows off the game’s visuals, and attempts to make it seem like less of a sausage-fest. I’m cautiously optimistic for this game, if only because after XIII, there’s really only one place to go, and that’s up.

Music for the trailer (and the game itself) is being crafted by the brilliant Shimomura Yoko, composer for the Kingdom Hearts and Xenoblade franchises.