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Alphabet Cinema: “C” is for “Cupcake Wars”

It’s what came up when I searched “C” on Netflix, I promise! Truly, I wasn’t going to pick it buuuttt, then I saw the title of Season 8, Episode 14 (original air date July 7, 2013; on Netflix, it’s S1E24). That’s right, Philip! It’s your waking nightmare, the Blue Man Group!!! Aren’t you just elated, brother? I’ll just imagine that you are, instead of slightly nauseated.

For those going “huh?” the Blue Man Group is one of the most popular and beloved performance groups on the Las Vegas Strip. Audiences across the world have ventured to take part in their interactive musical experience. They combine unique, sometimes bizarre instruments with lights and technology into wondrous beats and melodies that celebrate life.

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