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Regenerate Your HP at EXP

It’s that time of day again. I’m hungry, and this time, I want to be whisked off to Vancouver.

From its website alone, video game-themed EXP Restaurant & Bar promises a plethora of fun and flavorful foods to be had. “Level up and be awesome,” they challenge, and with excellent company, too.

309 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3, Canada. Open 5pm to Midnight.

I’d like to say that I checked out their events first, but let’s be honest, ambiance is nothing if I’m struggling to swallow meaningless mush. (There’s a separate, angsty time and place for that, thank you.) Here, check out the menu with me. Continue reading Regenerate Your HP at EXP

Final Fantasy XV Demo: The Sandwich Review

Prime your toasters, ‘cuz it’s time for another ASV Sandwich Review! Your Sandwich Artist today, however, will not be the indefatigable Brian Pham, but rather his younger brother of lesser power (<9000). Today’s menu features the long-awaited demo for the long-awaited FIFTEENTH installment of Final Fantasy. That’s right: developer Square Enix has, over nearly 28 years, made 15 main Final Fantasy titles–only ONE of which can be considered a stinking pile of moogle crap. (Of course, I won’t say which, at the risk of angering fans of the game in question. Let’s just say the number is more than 12 but less than 14.) Now, to the sandwich!

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The Jekyll And Hyde Club

Last time, I brought you ninjas; this time, there be a doctor and his inner monster.

A haunted restaurant, bar and social club for eccentric explorers and mad scientists where guests eat, drink and socialize among the unusual and the bizarre.

Its entrance hidden somewhere within the “Henry Jekyll and Sons Surgical Supplies of London” shop in Times Square, the Jekyll & Hyde Club Restaurant and Bar serves up curiosities of the darker kind. While I hesitate to label them as nightmare-inducing (depending one’s age, of course), the ambiance, actors, and wall hangings apparently endeavor to disconcert their visitor, at the very least.

One of the dining rooms at 216 West 44th Street. Open 11 AM to 11PM (midnight FRI & SAT)

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Ninja New York: Dining in Feudal Japan

I’m hungry again.

That pretty sums up the reason for another foodie post. However, I do want to talk a bit about my choice this time around (beyond the fact that I LOVE THIS CONCEPT).

Welcome, to Ninja New York, the restaurant that yanks you into its feudal ambiance and wows you with tasty Japanese dishes . . . that ninja serve to you.

You read that correctly. Ninjas. Your waiter is a ninja (or at least a person in ninja garb with ninja moves and mysteriously dark, ninja-like surroundings). No, definitely not the ones from the mind of Kishimoto Masashi (creator of Naruto), but still exciting!!!

Can you spot the ninja? I bet you can’t. 🙂

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The AFK Tavern: “A Place for Geeks and Gamers”

A.K.A. Heaven?

I sat down after a 13-hr work day fully intent on paying my Visa card in full. I ended up researching food. Such is life, amiright?

Christine, is this the beginning of Foodie Friday? Salivating hunger spasms want to know!

Ah, wouldn’t that be committing to yet another weekly post? Are you sure you want to pressure me into this?? Can’t I just do monthly? What if I fail to live up to your expectations? Would the disappointment of unappetizing appetizers oust me from your favor forevermore?

Depends on what AFK Tavern is. So talk!

Well, I’m glad you asked so gorramn nicely!  Continue reading The AFK Tavern: “A Place for Geeks and Gamers”