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Happy 28th Birthday Christine!

In addition to the amazinglyhilariousandmoving first season of Pushing Daisies that I sent you, I thought I’d transcribe a certain “Harry Potter Notebook” from a halcyon era long past.


Look familiar? Here’s to memories with the GREATEST ONLY FILM EDITOR IN ASV HISTORY: (I apologize in advance for any spelling errors. I’m just transcribing it as it appears on page)

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Composer Spotlight: Film Scores by Alexandre Desplat

The only thing that I can say about Alexandre Desplat (pronounced “Alexander Deh-plah”) is “how in the righteous F***?” But this is what I say about all composers of music. It boggles my mind how anyone can create coherent melodies from the jumbled mess that is human brain juice, but film composers are living proof that it is indeed possible.

Desplat was born in 1961–in Paris–to two beautiful human beings who were able to raise him with a love for music both foreign and domestic, which gave him a wider appreciation for worldly tunes. Desplat began playing the piano at the age of 5, loves jazz (score! Forgive me Father, for I have punned) and says he is heavily influenced by South American and African music.

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Writer Spotlight: Laura Elson, “Of Goblets and Gizmos”

You don’t have to like fan fiction to appreciate what it stands for. Fan fiction, for many, is the ultimate form of demonstrating your fondness for a particular franchise: book, movie, or video game, among others. Fan fiction can be serious, it can be lighthearted or it can be just plain strange (sometimes, all of the above). But no matter its kind, fan fiction is just that: fiction written by fans. And therein lies the universal appeal, because everyone is a fan of something.

I sat down with fan fiction author Laura Elson for a little chat concerning her own work. Some biological facts: Laura is a 22-year-old, born-in-Michigan-but-raised-a-Wichitan, who currently resides in Colorado traitor and is as tall as a beanstalk. She’s also been diagnosed with Stage IV Awesome.

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