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Pale Yellow Dot, Saturn’s Biggest Moon

Hey there folks, a couple of weeks ago I discussed the Jovian moons. I want to continue on that trend of interesting moons today. So, where do we go from Jupiter? Why, to Saturn, of course! Saturn has some crazy moons–62 currently. Many of these are just tiny little fellas, and some have complex interactions with the rings around the planet. Only two of them are big enough for hydrostatic equilibrium (massive enough to be round). These are Titan and Rhea. Today, its gonna be a short article (I’m running on a crazy schedule!), so I will discuss Titan today!

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Dancing the Jupiter Jitter: Exploring the Jovian Moons

Greetings! Today I want you to think about Jupiter. It’s such a large planet; we can barely comprehend its size. It is the second largest known object in our solar system–the only thing bigger in size and mass is the sun! But what I really want to talk about are the moons of Jupiter. Think about how alien, how different the landscape is compared to that of our single moon. Now Jupiter, he’s got 67 different moons! Granted, a majority of them are just asteroids captured in its orbit. But the main point I want to discuss, are the four big moons of Jupiter. They are referred to as the “Galilean” moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto.

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