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In That Darkened Seat: Attending The 2014 Game Awards

For a recap of winners and world premieres shown, please see the updated list by ASV’s Editor-in-Chief Philip and this StoryStream over at Polygon, respectively, which tracked it by the minute. Also, apparently you can just watch the full show, too. Win-win-win.

Meanwhile, I’ll be commenting about seeing it in person below.

Yesterday, while most watched from the comfort of their homes, my husband and I ventured to The Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood to attend the 2014 Game Awards. Yea!!! First time ever, and the moment I saw the stage, my heart did a little dance. (The blue glow was just so purrrty!)

Like I said, pretty cobalt blue is now my favorite.

Okay, so it might have been more impressive on the screen, given our own far-off, shadowed seats, but I thoroughly enjoyed the event. The combined, floor-to-ceiling screens created an inspiring 3-D effect I’m unsure those at home could see. Nevertheless, to whomever rendered those moving backgrounds, kudos! We had some mic sound problems in-theater (was that apparent online?) whenever Keighley was conducting interviews, but the Axis definitely fulfilled its design for all the musical performances. Bone-reverberating bass, we love you. Oh, yes, and the lights. I’d like to run lights. Or be a cameramen duo. Those guys get a workout; no joke. (And to that one crewman who leaped over the speaker onstage, nice one!) Continue reading In That Darkened Seat: Attending The 2014 Game Awards