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5 Nights, 9 Films: The ASV Halloween Movie Marathon [UPDATED]

[Update] Added ratings.

Happy Halloween!

To celebrate the year’s spooookiest week, Staff Writer Jeremiah, (who was fired and then self-rehired), Game Editor Brian, and myself are getting together to watch scary movies while we stuff our faces with candy. Why? Because explanation.

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Man On The Moon! Reliving the Apollo 11 Landing

Hey there, space cadets! It looks like I’ll be displaying my particular nerd fascination in space on this blog. It’s something that I have held an interest in for my whole life, and with Space Sunday, I can share these interests with anybody and everybody!

What better a way to start this segment by beginning at mankind’s most famous achievement in space exploration: the Apollo 11 lunar landing!! Continue reading Man On The Moon! Reliving the Apollo 11 Landing

Space Can Be Sexy

Life is a bitch easy to take for granted. Like painstaking, tedious World of Warcraft dailies, our lives can get pretty stale, and it becomes easy to tunnel-vision on the here and now. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. People are busy, have responsibilities–isn’t the here and now what’s important? Of course. But lest we forget, relative to the rest of the universe, we’re practically invisible.

Leave it to interactive media artist Josh Worth to remind us how little and insignificant our lives are, and how sexy space can be. Worth is the creator of “If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel,” described as “a tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.”

You can view it here. It’s well worth the tedium, methinks.

Josh Worth has worked as a graphic designer, animator, and creative consultant (among other things) for companies such as Sony Pictures, Focus Features, and Marvel Comics (among others). What a stud. You can reach at his official website, or tweet @misterjworth.