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Alphabet Cinema: “H” is for “Hereafter”

Did you ever buy a really cheap rental copy of a movie from a dying Blockbuster before one of its branches went caput? Yep, I did that quite a lot; it was oddly satisfying. Problem is, I haven’t finished watching them all yet . . . so let’s begin with:

Hereafter (2010). From the DVD cover, looks like a paranormal action tale with Matt Damon. Uh, nope. Remove one of those adjectives. Despite Damon’s face, Hereafter boasts very little running and jumping (after the first twenty minutes or so). In fact, it isn’t all about Damon’s character either, even though his paranormal ability does play as a fulcrum to the plot. The story is split into three sections of a braid. Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “H” is for “Hereafter”

Alphabet Cinema: “G” is for “Gone Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy”

My brother wanted me to review Gone Girl (2014) for “G” but it hadn’t been on my Alphabet Cinema list when I first made it. (I’m still surprised he didn’t write a review first.) I’d had this film on my Redbox watch list though, and wanted to watch Oscar-nominated Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice, Jack Reacher) in action.

Ruthlessness lies in those eyes.

So, because of her stellar skill and the movie’s success in general, I’m adding this blurp about Gone Girl, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn of the same title.

Watch it. (Maybe not with your significant other, if you’re having tiffs.)

It is a brutal analysis on marriage and the two partners involved therein. The critique is wrapped inside a media smorgasbord topped with suspected murder, one terrifyingly cunning wife, and the chance to strip all pretenses of marital bliss. It’s the type of shitstorm that either makes you, or breaks you. Continue reading Alphabet Cinema: “G” is for “Gone Girl” and “Grey’s Anatomy”

Lucy Review: Cerebral Callings

Bracing herself in the airplane seat as it is preparing to land in Paris, Lucy toasts herself with a flute of champagne. “To knowledge,” she whispers. And then she begins to disintegrate.

Lucy (2014) has so far been met with disappointingly average reviews (and, in some cases, outright hate). I blame the let down on the film’s marketing. We were told to go watch a vengeful superhuman rail against her drug-dealing kidnappers, and instead, found a human-turned-deity looking for her new purpose. Basically, people were expecting Limitless (2011) redone, but with Scarlett Johansson instead of Bradley Cooper.

Wrong, folks. Sorry. Don’t do that to yourselves. Of course, I cannot speak for director Luc Besson (The Fifth Element (1997), Taken (2008)), but this movie viewed more like a cerebral sci-fi flick than an action-filled superhero tale. Sure, there is plenty of action, but even Morgan Freeman’s character Dr. Norman said so himself that all this is but philosophical musing. Continue reading Lucy Review: Cerebral Callings

Edge of Tomorrow Review: Even If You Hate Tom Cruise

In deference to my brother’s vomit reflex when beholding Tom Cruise’s face, I chose the featured image for this review accordingly. Also, I happen to really like Emily Blunt. She was one of the reasons I wanted to go see this movie, after all. That, and the fact that I am a slave to all ideas time travel. (Seriously, I think I have a problem.) So naturally, I LOVED THIS MOVIE. (All except the ending; I’m pretending it doesn’t exist . . . )

But first, let me tell you the positives.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014), directed by Doug Liman, whirls the viewer away into the midst of a raging alien invasion (a war that the humans are losing quite badly). It follows lily-livered Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) as he is demoted and plopped into a doomed land invasion. With no real skills, he dies a rather gruesome death . . . only to be returned to the start of that very same day. Repeatedly.

Continue reading Edge of Tomorrow Review: Even If You Hate Tom Cruise