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Composer Spotlight: Film Scores by Alexandre Desplat

The only thing that I can say about Alexandre Desplat (pronounced “Alexander Deh-plah”) is “how in the righteous F***?” But this is what I say about all composers of music. It boggles my mind how anyone can create coherent melodies from the jumbled mess that is human brain juice, but film composers are living proof that it is indeed possible.

Desplat was born in 1961–in Paris–to two beautiful human beings who were able to raise him with a love for music both foreign and domestic, which gave him a wider appreciation for worldly tunes. Desplat began playing the piano at the age of 5, loves jazz (score! Forgive me Father, for I have punned) and says he is heavily influenced by South American and African music.

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You Won’t: “Three Car Garage”

I was driving home today from my grandmother’s house, when I noticed the gas tank was nearly empty LIKE MY LIFE, so I stopped by the QuikTrip nearby my house to fill ‘er up. As I leaned on the side of my car, taking in the sweet, dank smell of gasoline fumes, my iPod began to play “Three Car Garage” by the band You Won’t. The song was released just over two years ago, and seeing as how I make the frakking 🙂 rules, I’m going to say it’s old enough to qualify for Throwback Thursday.

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