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Be Mine, Valentine: Looking to TV’s Best Couples

If this Valentine’s Day isn’t particularly special for you, no worries. Why let one day of the year dictate how you treat your significant other? There are other days that you genuinely feel love for him or her, right? ( . . . Right?) And no one says you won’t be currently working through a disagreement of some kind when February 14th rolls around.

Oh. You’re single?

Weeellll, that’s what the Pikachu’s above are for: moral support, general fluffiness, and Pokemon solidarity. (PI-KA!!!) I hope it brightens your day, if it needs brightening.

Want more? We ASV-ers have spoken and below, we’ve compiled a list of the best couples in television. These are the pairs that just work better together, the relationships that you watch on-screen for nostalgia, for laughs, and for inspiration. (Well, that’s the first list at least. The second list includes. . .scarier duos.) They’re so memorable, thinking of one naturally leads to contemplating the other.

Aaaand apparently, we turned our descriptions into a commentary. Y-ep. Enjoy! Continue reading Be Mine, Valentine: Looking to TV’s Best Couples


Orphan Black Spotlight: Welcome to Clone Club

I sat down one night to start a series I bought on Black Friday, thinking blithely to myself, “I’ll just watch the pilot, throw up a brief review, and call it good.” Three episodes later, I’m sitting on my couch at 3 am wondering how in the world I could persuade my thumb to hit the off button. Damn it, BBC America, how do you do this to me??

Orphan Black (2013–) is a heart-stopping spiral down the rabbit hole, except that instead of disappearing cats, you get doppelgangers. Some of them want to figure out the conspiracy just as much as you do; some are just out for your blood.  Continue reading Orphan Black Spotlight: Welcome to Clone Club