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“Dear Dr. Lovett”: Making the Beast with Two Backs

“Dear Dr. Lovett” is a weekly advice column dealing with love, relationships, and sex. Need words of wisdom? Tell us all about it at emailasv@yahoo.com.

DEAR DR. LOVETT-VON STRAUSS: The local theater in my town is putting on a production of William Shakespeare's Othello. My girlfriend of 16 months has been cast as the female lead, Desdemona. I'm very happy for her, but I'm worried she's losing herself in the play. Let me be more specific: I think she's become infatuated with her male co-star. He's all she ever talks about, and when I went to visit her during a rehearsal one day, I felt that she was getting way too into the kissing scenes. She doesn't even kiss me like that. And that's not it--she's starting to speak in iambic pentameter, even at home! What should I do? --CALL ME RODERIGO

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